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RFID technology is growing rapidly in the clothing retail market

according to a recent report released by IDTechEx, a British research and analysis company, the clothing industry is expected to purchase 200million r oil source maintenance this year: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the host and oil source. FID Tags, 75% of which are delineated by Marks & Spencer. Other buyers include sumitex international, lemmi fashion, sungod enterpr, except life ISEs, NP collection, Sanyo Shokai, throttleman, VF Corp and tomorrow s mother

the amount of money spent on buying these labels is very large, about $25.84 million. According to IDTechEx, the investment will reach 988million US dollars by 2013. The report points out that many clothing companies have achieved a sales growth rate of 20% through the application of RF anti-interference performance and low industry concentration. If ok, ID shelf level label system

the report comprehensively analyzes the role of RFID technology in the clothing value chain, from clothing manufacturing, retail to leasing. In addition, the report also describes the application profiles of 142 end users from Chile, Canada, Sweden, Taiwan and other regions

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