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RFID smart paper money counterfeits have no hiding place since then

according to South Korea Electronics, a technology called smart paper is about to make counterfeiting meaningless. It is understood that this technology can even prevent all kinds of money laundering activities. BBC broadcast a report on the 2nd that American scholars have invented a smart paper currency that can prevent counterfeiting and is easy to track the flow of money

the research team of North Dakota State University used leap (laserenabledardvancedpackaging) to implant RFID tags into paper, and successfully developed a kind of smart paper. Leap refers to the method of etching paper with laser. In this way, the paper is implanted into the antenna. So leap is also called laser etching technology. The paper using new technologies such as high conductivity and gas impermeability is as light and thin as ordinary paper

although smart paper equipped with RFID tags has been developed, its practicality is not high because the chip is heavy. The Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank, which have been plagued by counterfeit money for a long time, tried to use RFID paper to make paper money ten years ago, but finally failed because of the problem of increasing the stiffness and thickness of the system

Professor josephmarinov said that the new process not only makes the paper light and thin, but also effectively adds the use and detection of each material, which is also the top priority of the rail transit assembly enterprises. The processing time is faster, and now the speed is twice as fast as before. He also said that it was the latest attempt of RFID paper to rotate counterclockwise for two-thirds of a turn

the research team said that paper can be used for more purposes than money. Enterprise secret documents, tickets, concert tickets and other easily forged paper can be used. Now, the research team is looking for suitable business partners

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