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RFID tags add new members to help the development of the electronic tag industry

with the development of science and technology, electronic tags have become the focus of attention in all walks of life. Recently, Austrian microelectronics company has launched the next generation of RFID tags with sensing function, which brings major breakthroughs to medical and automotive safety as well as other applications with high requirements for temperature, physiological data and environmental values

according to foreign media reports, Austrian microelectronics, a supplier of high-performance analog ICs and sensors, announced the launch of the next generation of RFID tags with sensing functions, bringing major breakthroughs to medical and automotive safety and other applications that have high requirements for temperature, physiological data and environmental values. The new devices sl13a and sl900a introduced this time can realize simple and low-cost wireless data recording applications

sl13a tag conforms to iso15693 standard and can be used with near-field communication (nfc-v) and high-frequency radio frequency identification (hfrfid) readers. Sl900a is a third-generation tag that meets the epcgen2 standard and can be used with RFID readers

the device includes an on-chip temperature sensor and an interface to connect external sensors, which can be used in passive standby mode (without battery). In this mode, some domestic enterprises have begun to master independent intellectual property rights and gradually gain competitive potential in some fields from the letter of the reader; However, the number obtains energy, and uses this energy to read the data of the temperature or external sensor, and then uses a unique ID to return the read data to the reader. The return time of data is also recorded by the reader one by one

sl13a and sl900a can be driven by single battery or 3V battery. In battery assisted passive (BAP) mode, the on-chip real-time timer of the tag can be started and used for periodic sensor reading. Sl13a can record up to 762 events, and sl900a can record up to 841 events, which can be stored in the electrically erasable read only memory (EEPROM) in the chip. These events can be read when the device is within the readable range of the reader

the combination of sensor interface, NFC compatibility and supporting passive standby mode helps design engineers invent new wireless data recording applications or find better ways to implement existing data recording systems. A wide range of applications such as patient monitoring, building management and car safety can benefit from medical measurement data, humidity values and pressure values such as improper biological operations read by sl13a, and sl13a can use the energy obtained from NFC readers such as Android smart and tablet computers

the power supply is three-phase four wire system. Both sl13a and sl900a have serial peripheral interfaces, which can be connected to the microcontroller, and the working voltage range is 1.2V to 3.6V. The battery life of the tag is very long. In the standby mode enabled by the real-time clock, the standard current consumed has become one of the most troubled industries, only 1.6ua. The on-chip temperature sensor is very accurate, and the maximum measurement error range is 0.5%

olufalminde, senior marketing manager of Austrian microelectronics power supply and wireless business department, said: RFID tags are very suitable for many applications in the fields of transportation, logistics and retail, and can simply passively identify the target object without battery. Sl13a and sl900a represent the next generation of RFID tags, which can be used to read identification data, temperature and many other environmental information

in addition, sl13a and sl900a also provide opportunities for medical device OEMs to realize some new applications, such as NFC sensor labels can be easily and safely implanted into patients (or directly swallowed by patients). Patients can read specific physiological values and master their physical conditions all day long by placing a NFC enabled or tablet computer close to their body

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