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RFID technology innovation brings the innovation of management application mode

business model innovation based on technological innovation has become the core competitiveness of enterprises

in today's society, more enterprises are facing the problem of competition. Products have no longer become barriers to competitors. Homogenization and information transparency have never been popularized. Where is the core competitiveness? Every enterprise is looking for, looking for a century old store, looking for competitiveness beyond competitors

how to compete with our competitors is not simply to add something to the price, service and decoration. The key lies in the innovation of business model and the creation of new business logic. We are different from our competitors and better than them until the pendulum swings back. It is not enough for us to limit ourselves to the past business mode and slightly improve the customer relationship. If we continue to adopt the original method, we will be bound by the past. It is far from enough for us to compare our business behavior with that of the same industry. Companies that have achieved success in various industries are companies that have created new business models and customer relationship models

products, technologies, marketing, etc. can no longer become the core competitiveness of enterprises. Rare earth nano materials, etc. are listed in the 2016 edition of the strategic emerging industry key products and services guidance directory. Competitors can imitate or even surpass these things overnight. The core competitiveness of an enterprise lies in an insurmountable or unpalatable innovative business model, and the innovation of this business model is more based on technological innovation. If the enterprise creates a new model based on this, this model will be the real core competitiveness of the enterprise, and it is not replicable or easy to replicate. Customers can grab, products can learn, and only innovative models cannot be copied

just like Internet, it has changed our lives, changed our society, and also changed or innovated many innovative business models. Google's myth is a new business model based on the innovation of Internet search technology. This model has achieved unprecedented success, leaving competitors far behind

business model brought by RFID innovative technology

radio frequency identification (RFID) is a specific application of automatic equipment identification (AEI) in radio. RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology. Through wireless identification technology, people can automatically identify and manage all kinds of objects or equipment (people, objects) in different states (moving, stationary or harsh environment). RFID can identify multiple tags at the same time, which is fast and convenient to operate without manual intervention. RFID technology is widely used in many fields, such as industrial automation, commercial automation, transportation control and management

radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a very novel word for most people and enterprises in China, but it is this novel word that contains the elements of technological innovation behind it, which will bring endless changes to the business model of many industries. Whoever knows it first and is familiar with it will establish an innovative business model faster and earlier, so as to lay a competitive advantage

Wal Mart first applied it to the retail industry. Wal Mart managers found that compared with ordinary supermarkets without RFID technology, the out of stock rate of goods with RFID decreased by 16%. After the goods are out of stock, the replenishment speed with RFID is three times faster than that with barcode. More importantly, the manual orders of stores have been reduced by about 10%, and the inventory has decreased comprehensively, which is very critical to reduce the following costs. Linda Dilman, executive vice president and information manager of Wal Mart, said: "the research shows that the efficiency of replenishing out of stock goods in shopping malls using RFID electronic tags is 63% higher than that in ordinary shopping malls.". According to retail analysts' estimates, Wal Mart can save $8.35 billion annually by adopting RFID technology, most of which is due to the labor cost saved because it does not need to check the purchase barcode manually

Wal Mart's practice has shocked the entire logistics and retail industry. Recently, Metro, the largest supermarket in Europe, announced a similar plan. Retailers and it giants in various countries have stepped up the development of RFID specific software and hardware, including SAP, IBM, HP, Philips and other companies. Some people describe that this technological revolution has made RFID the most popular wireless technology since its emergence. Take a bold look. RFID and some micro sensors will bring our world to the ubiquitous and ubiquitous information network environment, so it gives us a very huge imagination space and development prospects

"milk will tell you when it will sour, meat will tell you where it is processed, drugs will tell patients the appropriate dosage and prescription source, and customers don't have to queue up when checking out, and any product will become intelligent once it is labeled with RFID tags." someone described the future of RFID, which brings not only convenience, but also changes in the mode and process we are familiar with

in the fields of supply chain management, manufacturing, construction, library, luggage handling, container port, movement timing, access control system, transportation, military applications, etc., we will see the new business model brought by RFID technology. Even the second-generation ID card recently replaced in China also adopts RFID technology

rfid and enterprise management software

due to the continuous growth of the amount of data that more enterprises need to process, the investment in information technology is also increasing. Most fast-growing or expanding enterprises add several key areas of information technology investment, including supply chain, pricing system, customer management and data warehouse solutions

these management software are to realize the business model of the enterprise, including strategies and processes. Due to innovative technologies such as RFID, interconnection, etc., the business model of the enterprise has undergone earth shaking changes, and the enterprise management software represented by SAP has also carried out innovation based on the technical model

at the same time, for SAP and other enterprise management software, data collection and concentration has always been an important foundation, and it is not easy to achieve. Due to the problem of data source, many enterprises have not fully developed and implemented the application of SAP management system. The introduction of RFID technology and mode will greatly improve the data collection foundation of enterprises

for the functions of sap and other management software, such as consumer demand analysis and activity tracking management analysis, marketing activities and sales execution effect analysis, if based on RFID technology, the process of effectively identifying and collecting product and customer data is established through product electronic tags and membership cards with electronic tags, then the functions of these SAP management systems will play a full role

even if enterprises do not have sap and other similar enterprise management software, they can also use some basic RFID technology. In fact, in the case of Wal Mart, they have used basic RFID in their retail technology, but if you want to really make RFID technology play to the best degree and bring the best benefits to everyone, not only retailers but also customers, then enterprises need to have an integrated RFID technology. In the end, this cost may not be the only driving force to promote the development of RFID

don't unilaterally emphasize the combination of SAP management system and RFID technology. The most important thing is that based on RFID technology, enterprises can innovate non replicable business models, especially different from traditional business models, and then realize this business model as the core competitiveness of enterprises through SAP management system. Therefore, RFID is only technology, and the innovative business model brought by RFID technology is the key. SAP enterprise management system is combined with the measured stress relaxation rate, relaxation stress and other stress relaxation performance parameters of both, which requires an overall global planning, so as to create a better solution

SAP's development in the field of RFID

sap has been applied since 1999, but it is commendable that SAP has promoted RFID to China since 2005, and has had a series of cooperation with the Chinese government on food and medical safety

sap is actively exploring what RFID technology means to customers in the Chinese market. Although SAP's technology is very mature, it is more important that sap is fully aware of what customers need. In terms of supply chain management, sap has the world's best supply chain management products, as well as various business process best business practices. If these experiences can be combined with RFID, it can innovate many innovative business models for business practices in the Chinese market, which may be unthinkable to domestic enterprises. The business process from the innovative business model, based on RFID technology, its own optimization of the company chain and the integration of businesses between companies, which is the most critical and largest part of saving the entire operating costs

in terms of business model and business process, there will be a continuous evolution process and continuous optimization process. RFID technology will increase SAP's experience in best business practices. In turn, SAP can feed back the existing known business practices in logistics or other aspects to domestic enterprises. SAP China's R & D center is the first to move these experiences of the world, such as the United States, to China early, For further demonstration and localization in China, China is the largest manufacturing base in the world, and China will certainly produce various innovative business processes, especially in manufacturing and logistics

sap's management system application in the past many years, basically, the business process of an enterprise is a fixed thing. Once configured, it will not change for many years. This kind of situation can survive in the era of relatively slow competition in the past. Today, the business process of each company must change constantly. In order to achieve an adaptive business process, in fact, technological innovation has become a necessary and necessary goal

sap is launching a platform, which is a modular application platform and based on services. We basically regard this as a part of the basic platform. All standardized business processes related to RFID and some accessories can be used again. SAP integrates it into SAP's EAC platform, and SAP partners and customers can directly use it for some flexible configurations, which is SAP's basic goal, In fact, RFID is an important foundation. SAP really hopes to achieve the goal, which can bring maximum benefits to customers. Because today, enterprises can save a penny here and there, at most a few percentage points. Only by making a revolutionary change in the whole business process can they bring greater benefits to customers and save more money

when we are used to the changes brought about by the network, when we are used to the convenience, we will enter a RFID world, which is better because of innovation and more advanced because of innovation! (end)

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