The hottest RFID tags can be embedded in corrugate

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RFID tags can be embedded in corrugated packaging

recently, many RFID supply chain solutions gathered on the application of RFID tags in product packaging. Beamfetch showed their latest application of n-constant, an RFID product that is directly embedded in corrugated paper and can be reused. The company can provide RFID modules for third-party companies, as well as corrugated products embedded with RFID tags. Cynthia Hsieh, the product manager, announced that the company is currently actively looking for a solution to start using RFID tags in shipping orders. In addition, beamfetch hopes to license this technology to other corrugated paper manufacturers. Other manufacturers are also actively exploring the application of RFID in packaging products


hsieh said:" this will no longer be a packaging box in the ordinary sense. RFID tags embedded in it can be protected. Boxes or pallets can be reused. At the same time, this technology can also be applied to plastic containers. " Beamfetch, in cooperation with Bluestar, will be officially put into production in September this year. Now, they have formed an alliance with several RFID reader manufacturers at the same time, which is also the basic requirements for experimenters. At the same time, the module will follow the G2 agreement of EPC

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source: RFID radio frequency Express

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