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China's RFID tag application market is not really mature.

at present, although the application of RFID is in the ascendant in the European, American and Japanese markets, and some enterprises and groups in China have also begun to adopt RFID tags, it will take time for China's RFID application market to mature

rfid is gradually applied in China, but it is still restricted by many factors, including the high cost, the lack of unified standards, the immature industrial chain and supporting links, and so on. These problems have not been significantly solved so far, which has also become the bottleneck of RFID's large-scale acceptance in China, making RFID still a gap from large-scale commercial applications

although many internationally renowned RFID technology providers continue to develop new products during the experiment process, and have subsidiaries or agencies in China, they are mostly in the wait-and-see stage for the Chinese market

Siemens has recently introduced new anti-counterfeiting measures for drugs. Siemens cooperates with pharmaceutical packaging company limmatdruck/zeiler to paste electronic labels on the outer packaging of drugs or on single products. The implementation of this plan requires the cooperation of many enterprises, such as consulting industry, it integration industry, RFID reading devices and packaging industry with RFID chips. The pharmaceutical industry can use this system to provide drugs with electronic labels to the market, so that fake and inferior drugs disappear

however, an unnamed woman from the marketing department of Siemens China Pharmaceutical Group said to PD China, "as far as I know, Siemens has no plan to launch this program in the field of Chinese medicine, and we will depend on the future development of the Chinese market."

RSI identification technology, a leading developer and manufacturer of digital printing equipment in the United States and a supplier of RFID technology integration, recently announced the production of a second-generation EPC (electronic product code) RFID tag. Gen 2rfid has faster processing speed and overall improved performance. The labels produced by RSI will be used for shipping immediately

Mr. Wang Yuheng, deputy general manager of Beijing Saiwei Times Digital Technology Co., Ltd., general agent of RSI in China, said, "RFID tags are expensive, and the market is not mature at present, so we have not acted as an agent for RSI related products. However, we will also consider introducing electronic tags in the future."

vidigit has launched RFID technology in many countries around the world. Now we are cooperating with accusport company, which makes high-end scanners, to develop new technologies. At present, the challenge faced by VDJ is to reduce costs

Sam Daja, vice president of vidigit Asia Pacific, as long as there is Internet connectivity, Ni believes that the Chinese market is in the cultivation stage. He told PD China, "vidigit is waiting for the start of this market. The first round of demand will start when Wal Mart requires Chinese suppliers to use RFID tags. At that time, vidigit will help Chinese suppliers meet Wal Mart's needs."

China's express delivery industry remains calm about the upsurge of RFID in the world. FedEx China's Corporate Communications Department quoted a global vice president as saying, "at present, RFID has high cost, high error rate and cannot be rewritten repeatedly, so there is no plan to adopt it on a large scale." Guoshengbing, the operation manager of Shanghai homestead express company, is more optimistic about biometric technology. He believes that "the advantages of biometric emerging technology are similar to DNA technology, the cost can be as low as 3 cents, the writing range is large, and it can be recycled, which has more development potential than RFID."

information source: packaging Digest China

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