The damage to the excavator caused by the breaking

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The damage to the excavator caused by the breaking hammer of the excavator is so great

the damage to the excavator caused by the breaking hammer of the excavator is so great

and what is the distance between the markings? Most of the distances given by different standards have a certain difference. China Construction Machinery Information

nowadays, gxwjzj excavators are commonly used in site construction, mainly because some situations in site construction can be solved by excavators. Generally, breaking hammer is used for open circuit. Without this, there is no way to construct, but you must pay attention to some situations before installing the breaking hammer

after using the crushing hammer, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced more frequently. The hydraulic oil needs to be replaced every 1000 hours. This is because the crushing hammer is very harmful to the machine. It is easy to cause cracks in the boom and jib of the excavator in order to cooperate with the 3D printing business. It is also suggested to add a filter element for oil return to achieve a profit of 73.83 billion yuan, which is to prevent impurities that have not been completely filtered from entering the hydraulic system and damaging the hydraulic pump when using the crushing hammer

when installing the crushing hammer, it is necessary to install oil pipe at the reserved valve core, crushing low-pressure sensor and crushing mode switch. This switch is generally installed under the key switch. The function of adding this switch is to make the hydraulic flow better match the crushing mode

common fault phenomena of the crusher: if the speed of the crusher is too slow, it is necessary to check whether the overflow valve of the crusher works normally and whether the pressure of the main overflow valve is normal. There is also a frequency modulation valve on the crusher, which can adjust the frequency. If the frequency is too fast, it will affect the piston oil seal in the crusher

the crusher hammer is weak: check whether the nitrogen of the crusher hammer is sufficient, check whether the low pressure sensor is at 3.5 MPa, about 4.5V, and finally confirm whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient. If not, add it quickly

the use of the breaking hammer in the excavator will cause great damage to the excavator. Therefore, although it is impossible to avoid using the breaking hammer when we are working, we should check and maintain it when we are using it. Otherwise, the excavator will break down after a year or two. The machine is repaired very diligently without making money, which is a loss making business

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