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Lishide: the activity of "Longxiao action, care for customers" is in full swing

lishide: the activity of "Longxiao action, care for customers" is in full swing

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Guide: spring returns to the earth and everything is renewed. When the spring is approaching, Rexroth service has also entered the fast lane of service. It has carried out nationwide activities to test the Longxiao action and care for customers by adding accessories according to corresponding standards. Heilongjiang visit in Heilongjiang, the lowest temperature is still hovering at minus 20 degrees, the highest temperature is five degrees below zero

spring returns to the earth and everything is renewed. When spring is approaching, Rexroth service has also entered the fast lane of service and carried out the activity of "Longxiao action, care for customers" throughout the country

visit to Heilongjiang

in Heilongjiang, the lowest temperature is still 20 degrees below zero, and the highest temperature is 5 degrees below zero. Many vehicles are still idle at home, waiting quietly for the arrival of the construction period. The Rexroth service team has started the vehicle maintenance plan. They have come to each customer's machine storage place to carefully carry out maintenance and repair, and do a comprehensive physical examination for the machine to ensure that the machine can work smoothly after commencement. On this day, Harbin was sunny, bringing a little warmth to this cold winter. The spring visit activity of Rexroth "Longxiao action" in Heilongjiang Province officially began in the bright sunshine

Rexroth and his entourage drove from Harbin to Acheng. As the construction site approached, the service car drove into the bumpy dirt road. The snow on the roadside had not yet melted, and the icy road made them drive carefully. Mr. Shi has been engaged in excavator related business for many years. In mid-2011, after comparing and learning about Rexroth products in detail, he purchased a Rexroth sc360.8 excavator and has worked for 1586 hours so far. During the communication, the driver said that Rexroth excavator performed very well in loading and excavation, and praised Rexroth's fast and efficient service. Although most of the vehicles were not constructed just after the Spring Festival, Rexroth came all the way to carry out a comprehensive inspection of his vehicles. Boss Shi said that he was surprised and considerate

lishide visited Heilongjiang customers

Shanxi visit

the weather was getting warmer. Lishide's visitors came to Wenxi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi. There is a special customer here. Boss Zhou from Henan Province is working here. Wenxi County is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with an altitude of 1100 meters. The highest peak, Tangwang mountain, is 1571 meters above sea level. Hills and walls are all over the county. In the morning, lishide's visitors and the service director of Henan agency company drove from Zhengzhou to Wenxi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, across the Taihang and Wangwu. As it is located in the mountains and hills, the temperature is relatively low, the snow has not completely melted, and the mountain road is rugged. After nearly two hours of driving, it finally came to the iron ore site where the vehicle is located. What came into view was that lishide sc360.8 excavator was in full swing for iron ore mining. Taking advantage of the gap when the driver refuelled the vehicle, we conducted a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle and had a pleasant communication with the driver on the maintenance and use of the machine

Gansu visit

in February, Lanzhou, Gansu Province witnessed a heavy snow after spring. The weather was cold and the temperature dropped sharply, which brought many difficulties to the road and even some places. However, considering the intensive construction of Rexroth excavator in Lanzhou, the visitors did not hesitate to decide to carry out customer visits in Lanzhou according to the established visit plan. Just after daybreak, the visiting group set out at 7:30 in the morning. Due to the snow covered expressway, they had to follow the country road to their destination. At the intersection of the construction mine, the road was muddy, and the vehicles could not cold-rolled the strip, which was very useful. Then they continued to move forward, and Rexroth service personnel arrived at the construction site on foot

according to the on-site inspection, the excavator has worked for more than 1000 hours, the engine and hydraulic system have no oil leakage fault, and the whole machine is in good condition. According to the on-site conditions and construction environment, the visiting personnel suggested to the customer that the machine should be equipped with an oil filter device to ensure the cleanness of the engine air inlet

before leaving, boss Yang gave a thumbs up and said with emotion: "I am relieved to choose Luxide. Thank you!" The enthusiastic boss Yang has been sending the Rexroth service staff down the mountain

lishide visited Gansu customers

Guizhou visit

on this day, just before dawn, lishide service personnel drove to Guiyang Longli Hongshi cement plant. Boss Wang, who is working here, currently owns five 36 ton Rexroth excavators. These vehicles often work around the clock. At present, they have worked for more than 5000 hours. Boss Wang extended a warm welcome to the arrival of lishide service personnel. Subsequently, the service personnel conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection on these excavators. The cold weather did not hinder their enthusiasm for work. Boss Wang told the service staff that it was a wise choice for him to use Rexroth excavator. A series of preferential activities of the company strengthened his confidence in Rexroth. After the visit, the service staff gave Mr. Wang gifts and maintenance accessories, and once again asked the driver to pay attention to the maintenance of the excavator and other related matters

take a group photo with the driver as a souvenir

Fujian visit

in the middle and early February, Rexroth service personnel went to Fujian to visit the customer boss Shen. At present, the vehicle purchased by the customer is under construction on a hillside of jimeitian road in Xiamen. Rexroth visited the personnel so that our system completed the PID adjustment and control output through the bottom calculation of the control board Zui. In line with the strong sense of mission of being responsible to the customer, we finally arrived at the construction site despite hardships. Subsequently, the customer's excavator was comprehensively inspected, and the driver was introduced in detail on the use, inspection focus and maintenance precautions of the product, so that the customer can correctly use Rexroth products and obtain greater benefits

take a group photo with a customer in Fujian to take a souvenir of

boss Shen, who is straightforward, can not help but give a thumbs up to Rexroth's service, and express that he will give more support to Rexroth's products in the future, and wish this Longxiao action a complete success

the rallying call of Rexroth's service for the year of the dragon has been sounded. The activity of "Longxiao action, care for customers" has also been launched nationwide, and has caused huge market repercussions. Lishide company will uphold the purpose of "customers are always right" and provide our customers with the best quality products and services. (Rexroth)

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