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The current strategic choice of printing is traditional printing + digital printing

digital printing is the next new technology stage of the printing industry. It is only a matter of time before it replaces traditional printing. Once this time period comes, it should be when the cost performance of digital printing equals or exceeds that of traditional printing

Heidelberg married with Kodak, Manroland and Ossi, gaobao and Atalanta Zeiser (Beijing) developed ink-jet and offset printing online, and Donnelly self-made digital printing machine, which shows that traditional printing machine manufacturers are optimistic about and also see the bright future of digital printing. In 2011, the exhibition area of Japan printing Exhibition (iGAS) was halved, but the number of digital printers and copiers increased, which can also be seen as evidence. In May, 2012, the drupa digital printing press became the focus of printing enterprises

cost performance is the key

at present, inkjet printing, the mainstream technology of digital printing, is particularly favored by the industry. It is predicted that it will soon be on par with offset printing. However, the author believes that the automotive industry and aerospace industry have a strong demand for their peek products, and digital printing needs to make efforts to make progress in both performance and price, which is also the internal and fundamental reason for its low market share

in terms of performance, the general quality, production speed, substrate size and adaptability of digital printing products are not as good as those of traditional printing. This is because some technical issues are still being solved and have not yet achieved explosive growth. Circulation and ink reduction are also related to its development

the development of digital printing in China is also obviously inferior to that in developed countries and regions. The leading digital printing enterprises also reflect problems such as insufficient operation, disordered competition, low efficiency, quality, cost, business model, investment risk and so on, which makes traditional printing enterprises dare not easily get involved

in terms of price, digital printing is more cost-effective only within a certain quantity range

it is gratifying to see that the Chinese government has formulated the policy of vigorously developing digital printing and taken practical actions. At the southern printing exhibition last year, all parties involved in digital printing had frank and even sharp discussions, which was highlighted in the price of ink, which was unheard of in the past, and may become the entry point to promote the popularization of inkjet digital printing. The author suggests that suppliers of digital printing equipment should consider appropriately lowering the price of equipment consumables and lowering the threshold in order to expand market share from the perspective of the law of price and value and making digital printing profitable. Zero down payment, interest free, guarantee free, mortgage free for 3 ~ 5 years can also be considered. Zhang Jinxi and others also use waste foamed plastics to build the anti freezing and swelling layer of the road. The mechanical properties and thermal insulation properties of waste foamed plastics stabilized subgrade soil and base course materials are tested, and the experimental road is built for monthly supply every year; Or reduce the production and operation cost, instead of charging by sheet, adopt the traditional printing machine's consumables sales and annual warranty charging mode

the most important profit model

of course, enterprises already engaged in digital printing should, on the one hand, expand the market and seek the right sales field and business model; On the other hand, we should timely feed back the market and our own opinions and suggestions on equipment, consumables, technology, etc., so as to urge manufacturers to improve and perfect them, so as to gradually expand market share. The author suggests that in order to accelerate the development of digital printing, the printing industry should consciously, comprehensively and in advance plan and integrate all aspects of digital printing

China's printing industry, which is dominated by traditional printing, is facing the challenge of digital printing, so it should respond sensitively and actively. Traditional printing enterprises should pay close attention to, warm up or timely cut into digital printing

firstly, the leaders of traditional printing enterprises should understand the law of the growth and decline of digital printing and traditional printing. The whole process digital publishing and printing technology must be the mainstream printing technology in the foreseeable future; Direct plate making by digital computer is only a transitional technology in stages. We should make better use of this Law and consciously make correct strategic decisions from a strategic height, so that enterprises can keep pace with the train of the times. Secondly, we should pay close attention to the development and changes of digital printing and its relationship with traditional printing at any time, and conduct detailed analysis and evaluation to provide basis for enterprise decision-making

at present, the market share of digital printing and traditional printing is both separated and overlapped. The large and long print and fine strain extensometer, which subjectively determine the number of prints, are print products composed of new experimental proof of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on them. They are the current market and main position of offset printing. Although newspaper printing has experienced ups and downs in recent years, it is still the largest printing category in China and the main position of offset printing at present. Packaging printing is still dominated by traditional printing. However, variable data continuous printing, digital proofing, art reproduction, short edition printing with a certain number of less than, are the basic exclusive markets of digital printing at present

the overlap between digital printing and traditional printing is mainly the original market of small offset printing and some large-scale medium and low-grade printing. Both digital printing and traditional printing are striving to improve the cost performance of equipment, and there is fierce competition. At the same time, both sides are also cooperating and even integrating. For example, for the research and development of digital post press equipment, the ready-made experience, data and standards of traditional equipment should be used for reference. It is best to make the two kinds of printing common, which can save valuable resources. The main direction and focus to achieve this goal is not the research and development of digital post press equipment, but the reform of digital printing equipment. First, it is to increase its size, and second, it is to improve the heat curing of ink to cold curing, so as to make the nature and specification of semi-finished products of digital printing similar to or equal to those of semi-finished products of traditional printing

technology integration is the trend

as the current overall strategic choice of large-scale printing, it should be traditional printing + digital printing

China's traditional printing market has been in a situation of oversupply for many years. The competition is very fierce, and many enterprises' benefits are declining, even on the verge of bankruptcy. All these forces the traditional printing enterprises to look for new ways urgently. The growth of digital printing is much higher than that of traditional printing, which provides enlightenment and opportunities for traditional printing to immediately flow into the trend of digital printing and share this new profit and market space. At the same time, traditional printing enterprises also have the advantages to enter the field of digital printing, such as many years of customer resources, industry management experience, a certain amount of original capital accumulation and financing foundation, knowing the skills of quotation and collection, and being proficient in pre press and post press processes

traditional printing enterprises should adopt different countermeasures for digital printing according to their own different conditions; Digital printing should be actively, timely and step by step according to different stages of market development. For example, small offset printing enterprises should take digital printing as an immediate strategy, immediately study specific entry or alternative schemes and implement them in due course. Publication and commercial printing enterprises can take digital printing as their medium-term strategy. Packaging and printing enterprises can consider digital printing as a long-term strategy

the timing should be chosen

the demand for digital printing in China's printing market is not large for the time being, but it is increasing after all. Printing enterprises can test the water in time

the high price of digital printing press is hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions of dollars. The risk of rapid renewal and depreciation, and the embarrassment that printing costs are controlled by equipment manufacturers, have deterred many traditional printing enterprises. The author believes that printing enterprises with digital printing resources and financial resources can take the lead in purchasing digital printing machines to obtain new market profits; It can also directly acquire the experience in operation, quality, equipment, technology, talents, management, sales, price, color rendering agent, substrate suitability, etc., and prepare all aspects of reserve and warm-up activities for the large-scale introduction of digital printing

due to the insufficient operation of digital printing, general printing enterprises may not consider purchasing digital printing machines for the time being, but may enter the field through various other cooperation methods. For example, to purchase, control or take shares in digital printing enterprises with capital; With the digital printing enterprises, they can exchange what they need and learn from each other's strong points to complement each other's weak points; Select employees to study technology, process and management in digital printing enterprises; Lease the site to digital printing enterprises; The digital printing enterprises can also install the digital printing mainframe in the printing enterprises, and install the small-scale simple machines in the sales department; The sales department shall uniformly receive and assign tasks, etc. As customers and printing enterprises, on the premise that the quality of digital printing is acceptable, the profit and loss point data of digital printing and traditional printing prices can be calculated for two-way selection

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