The curved screen printing of the hottest wine bot

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Wine bottle curved wire printing is both beautiful and improves the threshold of counterfeiting.

curved wire printing color standard applies Ryton polyphenylene sulfide resin used in a large number of fuel distribution pipes to wine bottles, cosmetics bottles, 85 export shares to emerging countries will also be greatly increased by 2 dollars/ton) solar stainless steel barrels and other products. The self-adhesive label is easy to make, low in cost, and easy to fake, resulting in too many self-adhesive labels and counterfeits, so that people think that as long as they see the brand, they are low-grade or counterfeit and obscene goods. This view is also reasonable, because the cost is very low, and the self-adhesive label is the choice of most cost makers. If the silk screen color label is adopted, the product cost will be greatly increased. If the cost of fake goods is the same as that of real goods, and the quality is the same, there is no need to fake them. In the current liquor industry and cosmetics industry, most of the medium and high-grade wines are silk printed and directly printed on the wine bottle trademark. Or directly screen printing color labels on wine bottles. The solar energy bucket label also has the development trend of directly printing color labels on stainless steel buckets. Color paper stickers, or spot color paper stickers, will be low-grade or counterfeit goods because of the water in the material

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