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The present situation, development and Countermeasures of China's packaging and printing industry

normal> packaging and printing is a branch of the printing field. It has been developing with the development of national industries such as light textile, medicine, cigarettes, food and so on, and has become an independent category. In the 1980s, the packaging and printing industry began to introduce foreign advanced equipment and technology. The introduction of these technologies and equipment has gradually improved the overall supporting capacity of the industry. In recent years, China's packaging and printing industry has developed rapidly in accordance with the 28 word policy of printing technology, that is, digital networking before printing, multi-color and efficient printing, diversified automation after printing, and high-quality serialization of equipment. At present, the packaging and printing equipment has developed from "heavy, thick, long and large" to "light, thin, short and small" and "machine, electricity and instrument". A number of packaging and printing equipment and equipment produced by domestic enterprises with technical strength have entered the domestic market and exported to the international market, and their export volume is also increasing year by year

According to relevant data, there are more than 5300 packaging and printing enterprises in Zhejiang Province alone, nearly 5000 more than 20 years ago; The total industrial output value has reached 5.85 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 5.73 billion yuan over 20 years ago. Its output value has accounted for 30% of the total output value of the packaging industry and occupies a very important position in China's packaging industry

However, we can also see that although China's packaging and printing industry has made remarkable achievements through equipment upgrading and technological transformation, due to congenital reasons, i.e. low theoretical level of employees and weak scientific research foundation, there is still a large gap between China's packaging and printing industry and advanced countries. Some regions and enterprises only pay attention to equipment introduction, ignore technology introduction and scientifically select talents, This has led to the introduction of new equipment and the use of old processes. At the same time, because there are few schools and research institutes specialized in packaging and printing education in China, printing equipment and equipment with high precision and high-tech content are still dependent on imports

From the perspective of industrial organization structure and product structure, the packaging and printing industry has the same problems as other traditional industries. That is, most production enterprises are small in scale, with low industrial concentration, difficult to form economies of scale, single products, weak technical force, lack of talents, backward management level and other problems. These problems restrict the healthy development of this industry to a certain extent. In particular, with China's accession to the WTO and the fulfillment of relevant commitments, some internationally renowned enterprises have joined one after another. If we do not pay close attention to the resource integration, technological transformation, R & D and personnel training of these enterprises, the consequences will be serious

in October, 2003, Yu Yongzhan, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, made a speech at the national annual meeting of printing managers. When talking about the accelerated pace of international capital entering China's printing industry, he introduced that "the Asian packaging center, authorized by the World Packaging Organization and prepared by China, has settled in Hangzhou and is building a platform for the transfer of the world packaging manufacturing industry to China". At present, with the care and support of the World Packaging Organization, relevant departments of the Chinese government and the governments of Zhejiang Province and Hangzhou City, the "center" has started its work in an all-round way. It is the first world industrial center in China authorized by the World Packaging Organization to integrate manufacturing, science and education, R & D, information, trade, culture, exhibition, finance and services

normal> according to the functional orientation of the World Packaging Organization and experts at home and abroad for the future construction of the Asian Packaging Center: the Asian packaging center will be a 'Converter' for the adjustment of the packaging industrial structure, that is, integrating enterprise resources and adjusting the unreasonable layout; The 'incubator' of new packaging enterprises, that is, to gather capital, cultivate new growth points in the industry, cultivate new packaging enterprises, and participate in the competition in the international market; The "propeller" to improve the quality and professional technical level of industry personnel, that is, since the development of the packaging and printing industry, the quality and professional technical level of the whole industry urgently need to be improved and pushed forward to meet the needs of the national economic development for the packaging and printing industry and related industries, as well as the function of gathering, innovation and re radiation. According to the functional positioning and special platform role of the sub Contracting Center, "sub Contracting Center" is duty bound to share the important task of solving problems with colleagues

The Asian packaging center is composed of the headquarters of the Asian packaging center and the manufacturing base. Among them, the sub packaging manufacturing base will break the previous pattern of separate industries, scattered, closed and regional, as well as the separation of production and marketing, and become a carrier for the upper and lower connection and organic association of packaging related printing, paper products, packaging and decoration industries. According to this feature, the printing enterprises can take advantage of the base and international resources of the sub package center to form a scale effect, so as to achieve a very large-scale operation of the supply and demand gap of refined oil

The headquarters of the sub package center consists of eight centers: Science and education, R & D, information, trade, culture, exhibition, finance and services. Based on two kinds of resources, two markets and two types of funds at home and abroad, we will allocate resources worldwide. Tracking the world's cutting-edge packaging technology trends, grafting international technical resources, transforming packaging technology achievements, adopting high and new technologies, and creating the world's ball screw transmission pair meshing clearance can be adjusted at will. Absorb the capital, advanced technology and equipment from foreign packaging powers, gather all kinds of senior packaging talents, establish the Asian packaging center, United University and Asian Packaging Research Institute, and cultivate local talents. The construction spokesman emphasized the information network platform of the packaging industry, and finally formed an "aircraft carrier" of the packaging industry in Asia. It has become the hub of gathering and radiating international packaging people flow, logistics, information flow and capital flow, relying on 107 years of modified technology accumulation and strong R & D team, the base of promoting international capital management and world brand management, and the carrier of China's packaging and printing industry's human and economic globalization. For this reason, printing enterprises can take advantage of the special platform resources of the sub package center to expand the total amount of knowledge, improve the quality of talents, cultivate scientific and technological strength, and enhance their core competitiveness, so as to rank among the international advanced packaging and printing industry

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