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Decoration is to turn a cold house into a warm and romantic home. However, in the process of home decoration, because the owners do not understand the industry, some construction teams make an issue in this regard, using the inferior to the superior, the low price to the high price, and the inferior to the genuine to deceive consumers, so that consumers spend more money wrongly

I. budget trap

if you want to be a smart decorator and avoid the money trap of home decoration companies and construction teams, I have collected the following simple and clear methods for your reference

1. Understand the decoration budget

carefully check the budget and drawings. Check whether the materials indicated in the drawing are the same as those in the budget and whether the quantity is the same. The decoration company can be required to indicate the materials and brands in the remarks column. Don't bother to investigate the market and understand the market price of the materials used

in the final account, we must not miss the quantities. Some decoration companies also deliberately miscalculated and overstated the quantities. When it was found, the budgeter made a wrong calculation to deal with it. Some of them deliberately understated the quantities of works, negotiated the contract at a low price, completed half of the project, and asked for additional payment on the grounds of wrong calculation at the beginning. Finally, if you find that there are many problems, you can ask the decoration company to quote again. If it's really outrageous, you might as well change your home

2. Set a good place for home decoration

for the decoration budget, set a good place first, which is the fastest way to budget the approximate price of decoration. For simple decoration, if all domestic materials are used, it will cost about 25000 yuan to 60000 yuan from one bedroom to three bedrooms, about 500 yuan per square meter. For complex decoration, the materials will rise one level in turn, so it will cost about 40000 to 100000 yuan from one bedroom to three bedrooms, with an average of 800 yuan per square meter

for luxury decoration, the choice of materials has risen to a higher level. Imported raw materials can be used in some places, so it costs about 60000 to 150000 yuan from one bedroom to three bedrooms, on average, 1000 to 1200 yuan per square meter

3. Decoration budget allocation proportion

allocate the proportion of different projects in the budget, so as to make the overall budget clear. We can start with three parts: design cost, material cost and labor cost

the so-called design fee refers to the designer helping you with the preliminary overall planning and drawing various floor plans, including the measurement fee of the project, the scheme design fee, the production fee of construction drawings, and the on-site supervision and guidance. The design fee accounts for no more than 10% of the total cost of decoration, generally 3% to 5%





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