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With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, consumers also have a higher pursuit in life. Home decoration floor heating is the most direct embodiment. As a typical household use product developed in recent years, it is increasingly favored and recognized by the public

home decoration floor heating is one of the most comfortable home heating methods. The heating temperature of home decoration floor heating is generated by feet, which is comfortable and healthy. Compared with air conditioners and heaters, floor heating makes the temperature distribution in the room more uniform, avoiding the problems of dust generation and air drying caused by convection heat transfer. The following editor will introduce the characteristics of home improvement floor heating and the key points of home improvement floor heating design

characteristics of home decoration floor heating

1. Sanitation, environmental protection and health. Compared with other electrical appliances, floor heating will not produce pollution, nor will it produce pollutants such as exhaust gas than other electrical appliances, and it can improve human blood circulation and promote metabolism

2. It does not occupy the use area. The floor heating is generally installed under the floor, so it will not occupy the indoor space, which is conducive to the beauty of the home and increase the space

3. Low cost is an important reason why many people choose floor heating. Electric power is the cheapest resource in China compared with other energy sources. Especially in recent years, the price of oil and natural gas has soared, and electricity has become the first choice

4. Long service life. Compared with other electrical appliances, floor heating has a longer storage time. If no one destroys it, it can save a lot of maintenance costs

5. Good thermal stability. The current products have different performances, but floor heating has another obvious advantage. Due to the large heat storage capacity and good thermal stability of the ground surface, the indoor temperature changes slowly under the condition of intermittent heating

6. It can be applied to all kinds of heat needs. Generally speaking, each family has different needs for heat due to age and physical fitness. Geothermal can control its temperature and heating time according to its needs

key points of home decoration floor heating design

1. The design of floor heating products should be suitable for the design of floor heating products. Taking the central heating system as an example, in order to better control the water supply temperature required for floor heating, it is necessary to design water mixing and cooling devices. However, in order to reduce the cost, many people do not design water mixing and cooling devices in the design of floor heating, but only control the water flow by adjusting the regulating valve on the water collector, Such an approach is not in line with the design requirements. In order to ensure the safe and reasonable operation of the floor heating system in the future, the product design must be carried out according to the heating system

2. The spacing design of floor heating coils should be moderate

with the increase of floor heating users, the competition in the floor heating market is becoming more and more intense. Some floor heating company designers design the coil spacing too closely to meet the customers' psychology of worrying about the lack of heat. The coil spacing is the same in any room, and some floor heating company constructors expand the coil spacing at will in order to save costs. Under normal circumstances, the spacing of coils is determined by a series of factors, such as room heat load, supply and return water temperature and temperature difference, insulation layer and thickness, filling layer and thickness, decorative surface layer and thickness, etc., which must be comprehensively considered in design. The arrangement of coils should be compatible with the distribution of heat load in the room, that is, coils should be relatively dense in places with large heat load such as exterior walls; However, the central load of the area in the room is very small, and the coil spacing should be larger. In this way, the indoor temperature can be uniform, the air convection can be reduced, the air quality can be improved, and the floor heating effect can be brought into play. Generally, the coil spacing at the cold wall and the floor bay window is designed to be 15 cm, and the normal area is 20 cm

3. The length of the floor heating coil should be designed appropriately

the maximum length of the coil should not exceed 120 meters. In the case of a wall mounted boiler heating system, the length of each floor heating coil is best designed to be about 90 meters. In the case of a central heating system, the length of the floor heating coil is best to be about 110 meters. Moreover, in the design, the length of each branch of each water distributor should be the same, and the difference between the lengths should not exceed 2 meters. The uniformity of the length of the floor heating coil can not only achieve the corresponding resistance balance, but also help to control the temperature by room, which brings convenience to the debugging of the floor heating in the future

4. Temperature control design should be appropriate

the maximization of energy saving of floor heating is mainly reflected in the temperature control system. Is it better to use more temperature control systems? If the house type is small, the temperature control system can design the temperature controller according to the main room, and it does not need to install the temperature controller in each room. If the house type is large, the temperature control can realize the temperature control by layers and rooms. If the floor heating pavement area is large, it needs to use several ways of floor heating pipe pavement to complete a space, and the area control valve can be used for area control. The temperature control system should be designed according to the use of the room. Too much will increase the cost of investment, and too little will affect the effect of use

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the characteristics of home improvement floor heating and the key points of home improvement floor heating design. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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