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From the material point of view, the common wood paint in the market is mainly divided into polyurethane paint, nitrocellulose paint and water-based paint. From the gloss point of view, wood paint has high gloss, matte and semi matte. From the color point of view, wood paint has varnish and paint. How do we choose between different wood paints

material selection: water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly

nitrocellulose paint coating is thin, fast drying and easy to repair, which can retain the real texture of wood to a large extent, and is suitable for small-area handicrafts; Polyurethane paint film is bright, water-resistant and wear-resistant, but it is difficult to repair and dry for at least 8-12 hours. It is suitable for high-grade furniture and large-area wood floors &mdash& mdash; The light and color retention of these two kinds of wood paints are not very good

water based wood paint is a new and advanced product. It is simple and convenient to apply, does not turn yellow, is rust proof and high temperature resistant, and will not deepen the color of wood. The most important thing is that as a water-soluble paint, its environmental protection is superior to other wood paints, especially polyurethane water-based paint

choose gloss: high gloss cold and hard, matte elegant and quiet

the higher the gloss of wood paint, the more light reflected on our eyes. Therefore, the choice of high gloss, matte and semi matte is mainly based on home style and indoor light needs

furniture with high gloss wood paint has a strong sense of hardness and modernity, and will be more bright and warm visually; Using matte wood paint, you will feel more soft and warm, classical and introverted, and the feeling of living is more elegant and quiet or casual. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. In terms of living room space, it is suggested that the living room wood furniture can choose high gloss wood paint, while the bedroom wood furniture is suitable for mild matte and semi matte wood paint

choose color: the varnish retains wood grain, and the color paint is mixed and colorful.

the varnish does not contain pigment and is transparent, while the color paint adds pigment, and the film has color and can block the penetration of light. Paint is mainly used as mixed paint, which has good covering ability and strong decoration. At the same time, it can make wood furniture glow with your favorite colorful colors. It is mostly used in European or modern style home, while varnish can show the wood texture covered by paint, which is more authentic





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