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Autumn and winter come, and the water heater needs to be renewed! Choosing a comfortable and intelligent water heater can bring comfort and hope for a new life. In recent years, China's electric water heater industry market has developed in full swing, showing explosive growth. With the improvement of domestic hot water life quality, smart, simple, fashionable and diversified hot water life has become a new pursuit of consumers. Cohen kitchen and bathroom appliances have an insight into consumer needs, and design the best hot water solutions according to different situations of families. On the eve of the national day, based on the existing Cohen electric water heaters, it shocked and launched the series of electric water heaters, creating a safe, environmental friendly and energy-saving Chinese bathroom space for different families

it is reported that the newly launched electric heating products of Cohen electric appliance, with a capacity of 25 liters, 50 liters and 60 liters, are another series of safe and considerate new products on the technical platform of electric water heater of Cohen electric appliance, which are more durable

according to the relevant person in charge of Cohen electric appliance, among the new electric water heaters listed this time, Cohen kn11-25l color steel electric water heater is eye-catching, and Ta adopts intelligent computer touch button control, which is fashionable and generous. In addition, as the "heart" of the electric water heater, the liner will be scrapped once the water heater is damaged. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and durability of use, the pressure resistant and explosion-resistant enamel liner is specially used, which is more durable. In daily life, many people complain about the long waiting time for heating. Kn11 is customized by Cohen for customers, with preheating + fast heating, dual-core and dual-mode, high-speed and effective. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the majority of consumers, the built-in anti electric wall technology, anti overheating, anti dry burning and other multiple protection functions ensure the safety of bathing

in addition, 16kn23, 12kn22, 12kn21 Apple series new generation gas water heaters adopt the most popular Apple mobile phone appearance design elements at present. Intelligent touch safety key, segmented ultra-thin constant temperature forced exhaust machine, proportional valve, 4 fire exhaust, 2.05kg anaerobic water tank, surface black glass (square display white light tuhao gold aluminum edge), two-level energy efficiency, fully sealed anti backdraft device, temperature can be adjusted at any time to enjoy satisfactory water temperature, multiple protection of over temperature and over pressure, safety and reliability and other multi-level guarantees, forced water outlet and power-off technology, anti electric wall technology and other multi-level protection, convenient, worry-saving and always protective, Effectively protect the health of family members

consumer demand tends to be diversified and personalized, and the requirements for heat preservation, energy saving, hot water volume and intelligence of water heaters are becoming higher and higher. Zhejiang Cohen launched a new electric water heater to fully meet the needs of consumers. At present, China's water heater market will return to rationality. The ultimate test of multi-dimensional competition is the internal power of enterprises. Only products that are constantly innovated according to user needs can be recognized by more consumers




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