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In the downturn of the domestic furniture industry in recent years, the customized home furnishing market has developed in full swing

in the downturn of the domestic furniture industry in recent years, the customized home furnishing market has developed in full swing. Some industry insiders said that "in recent years, customized home furnishing enterprises have the best life, with an annual growth rate of more than 25% for at least three consecutive years". It can be said that the trend of whole house customization has swept the home furnishing industry, which has had a huge impact on the entire home furnishing market, and the industry pattern is also changing. Investors who open custom furniture franchise stores are more concerned about how to achieve rapid profits in the environment of market competition. In this regard, Yigao furniture editor will explain to you how the whole house customized furniture franchise store can achieve rapid profits

pay attention to store image

franchise stores of customized furniture should pay attention to the creation of image. A store with a good atmosphere can better attract customers into the store. The store can be redecorated in time. The storefront, window advertising and store atmosphere should be created and improved to give consumers a high-end and atmospheric overall image

carry out promotional activities

customized furniture franchisees can carry out promotional activities such as holidays and anniversaries according to market demand, attract consumers with preferential policies such as full gifts, stimulate the market, and constantly improve the market influence of the store

perfect service

service is of long-term benefit to the whole house customized franchise store. Customers go to the store for consultation, and the store staff can provide customers with professional services, such as rest place, water and other services, so that customers can feel your care and win customers' trust and favor. In order to achieve sustainable profitable development, customized furniture franchise stores also need to strengthen team building, improve the overall service ability of team members, participate in training activities held by manufacturers, and cultivate professional shopping guides and designers from the actual store development, so as to lay a solid foundation for franchise stores to achieve sustainable profits. E-go home will carry out marketing and other training every year to help store operations

with the continuous rise of urban residents' income and living standards, the penetration rate of customized furniture will rise, and the whole house customization market will grow at a high speed. Opening a custom furniture franchise store is a good way for investors to start a business. If we can grasp the business method, investors can go better




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