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Due to the limitation of home space, we will try our best to adopt space-saving design when decorating the house, and sliding door, which is simple and full of fashion sense, is sought after by people

due to the limitation of home space, we will try our best to adopt space-saving design when decorating the house, and sliding doors, which are simple and full of fashion sense, are sought after by people. Therefore, sliding door decoration has gradually become one of the more popular decoration links. So, what are the specific advantages of sliding door decoration? Next, Xiaobian has sorted out some knowledge about sliding doors for you, hoping to help you in the decoration of sliding doors

first, partition space

sliding doors, no matter how different their styles are, all play the role of space limitation and partition without exception. The strength of the degree of limitation can be determined according to the size, material, style and color of sliding doors

second, block the line of sight

sliding doors have the effect of blocking the line of sight to varying degrees according to the transparency of their materials. Different functional areas have different requirements for visibility. When dividing a large space into small spaces through partitions, lighting should also be considered. For reading areas with high lighting requirements, sliding doors with good light transmittance can be used

III. proper sound insulation

the use of high-quality insulating glass has a strong sound insulation effect. In addition, soft fabrics, sponges and foam materials all have certain sound absorption capacity, so the sliding doors decorated with these materials also have a good sound insulation effect

IV. enhance privacy

in modern bedroom life, bathroom, bedroom and other spaces are no longer surrounded by fixed four brick walls as before. In personalized design, transparent glass bathroom is common. In order to take care of the privacy of life, the entrance of these areas can be covered by mobile sliding doors

v. increase space elasticity

the sliding door will be started or moved at any time according to the use requirements, structural form and decorative style, and the space will also be opened or closed, larger or smaller, which will be more flexible with subjective wishes

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