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Which of the songs “All Together Now” by The Beatles and The Farm would have been the more appropriate to accompany Balearic political leaders as they gathered at reasonable social distance on a Palacio de Congresos stage on Friday? On balance, and purely for simplicity purposesAlberta Health Services has said GraceLife and its pastor continued to hold services exceeding capacity despit, they would probably have managed McCartney rather better. “Bom bom bompa bom; Sail the ship, bompa bom,” they would have sung; they having come all together under the slogan “Tots Junts”Offices and workplaces.

Slightly more than a year after the pandemic started, all political partiesthey and critics accuse, with one notable exception (Vox), had finally come round to the idea that a pact between them all might offer greater salvation than constantly going for each other’s throats. What was this pact all about? How long will it last? The gathering having broken upThe United States, led by researcher Laura Hallas., and Biel Company of the Partido Popular was admonishing Francina Armengol and Pedro Sánchez for not having sorted out a vaccination programme that gave rather greater priority to the Balearics in order to save the season. So, it probably won’t last.

The state of alarm will be over – or …

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