How many parts are there in the hottest bearing

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How many parts in the bearing form a separable basically flat washer, and its inner or outer part is used as a retaining edge of the outer ring or inner ring of the centripetal cylindrical roller bearing

5. A separable ring with L-shaped section, whose outer part is used as a retaining edge of the inner ring of radial cylindrical roller bearing

6. The thermoplastic film produced by Zhongfang keschuang is used to produce the seat ring of SI2. Guiding

a separable ring in the roller bearing with two or more rows of rollers is used to isolate the two rows of rollers and guide the rollers

7. The retaining ring locatingsnapring

a single ring with constant cross-section is installed in the annular groove, and the rolling bearing will be axially positioned in the housing or on the shaft in order to build a high-end platform

8. Lock ring retainingsnapring

has a constant

9 Spacer spacer

is an annular part, which is used between two bearing rings or bearing washers or between two half bearing rings or between two half bearing washers to maintain the specified axial distance between them

10. The sealing ring is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and contacts with another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil and the invasion of foreign objects

11. The dust cover shield

is an annular cover, which is usually made by punching a thin amount of low-pressure oil into the metal plate of the oil tank. The news universal fatigue testing machine fixed on the bearing is widely used to test the mechanical properties of materials and parts in the news state. It is widely used on one ring or washer, and extends towards another ring or washer to cover the internal space of the bearing, but does not contact with another ring or washer

12. Retainer flinger

a part attached to the inner ring or shaft ring, which uses centrifugal force to enhance the ability of the rolling bearing to prevent foreign objects from invading

13. Rolling element rolling element

a ball or roller that rolls between raceways

14. Cage cage

a bearing part that partially wraps all or some of the rolling elements and moves with them to isolate the rolling elements, and usually also guides and holds the rolling elements in the bearings

The single ring with a section of

is installed in the annular groove as a retaining ring to keep the roller or cage in the bearing

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