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How much reliable hard power does Evergrande automobile, blessed by the "top supporting group", have

recently, Evergrande automobile officially released the official video of hengchi No.1 running. This super luxury electric car operated by Anders warming, the world's top Automotive Styling Design Master, is a beauty "burst table". However, when you are lamenting hengchi's "prosperous beauty" all the way, Evergrande is still quietly doing another big thing

we all know that the "heart" of new energy vehicles is power batteries. In fact, in addition to building cars, Evergrande is still building the world's top battery technology. Evergrande global battery research institute, which is a hidden hard power, was first exposed with Xu Jiayin's inspection, which also aroused great curiosity and wanted to find out

in addition to owning Evergrande global electric in Shenzhen, which is another example of graphene and related materials' steady progress from laboratory to factory workshop, Evergrande also has a branch in Osaka, Japan, both of which have world-class scientific research strength. From the perspective of scientific research talents alone, Evergrande global battery research institute has introduced a large number of top scientists in the world, such as Li Junxiu, an internationally renowned battery scientist and former president of the battery research institute of SK group in South Korea, and Ozawa Hedian, known as the "father of lithium batteries"

from the perspective of the R & D team, Evergrande global battery research institute has more than 800 core scientific research teams, of which the team of foreign experts is composed of experts from LG and SK battery research institutes in South Korea, and the domestic scientific research team has more than 20 people with a doctor's degree or above. So many technology giants gather together, people can't help but sigh what a combination of gods and immortals this is

then, these technology giants are far behind the European $30. What are they doing? This has to go back to Evergrande's R & D layout, which focuses on the forward-looking development and application of lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, battery materials, BMS and next-generation battery technology. At present, Evergrande global battery research institute has the research and development of material hydrolysate with the characteristics of material synthesis, electricity and injection molding. The problem is that in the process of mass production, there are 40 professional research, development and testing laboratories such as a batch of products, solid electrolyte synthesis, module and pack research and development, thermal management, and more than 15000 test points, which are "hard" both internally and externally

from the release of hengchi No.1 road running video, we obviously feel that Evergrande's car building process is far beyond expectations, and it is getting closer to mass production; The debut of Evergrande global battery research institute further showed us its reliable hard power with the world's top scientific research teams and laboratories, which once again increased our confidence in the core technology of Evergrande car manufacturing

it is also revealed that Evergrande battery technology is expected to become a world leader in the second half of next year. For hengchi, which plans to mass produce next year, this will undoubtedly greatly enhance its core competitiveness. Let's wait and see if Evergrande automobile can break the wrist with Tesla, the "industry brother" in the future

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