How many do you know about the development trend o

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How many do you know about the development trend of compressed garbage truck

What do you know about the development trend of compressed garbage truck

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driven by the growing market demand, the technical level of compressed garbage truck is also constantly developing, and its technical development shows a certain directional trend. Today, let's raise our knowledge and see what are the specific development trends of compressed garbage trucks


shape beautification

from the square carriage in the early stage, to the circular carriage in the middle stage, to the mainstream streamlined design now, the top and chassis form a round and plump streamlined whole, which makes people look happy and beautiful


good environmental protection performance

the compressed garbage truck in modern cities will develop from only meeting the functional requirements of basic operations to meeting the functional requirements of environmental protection operations

through technological innovation, product improvement, functional improvement and other means, improve the performance of the compressed garbage truck in the operation, such as controlling sewage overflow, odor floating, noise disturbance and so on, so as to realize the environmental protection performance of the compressed garbage truck operation



the concept of people-oriented is reflected in two aspects: the operator's working environment and the surrounding environment

in terms of the working environment of operators, the compressed garbage truck improves the degree of automation, reduces the operating intensity of operators and improves the comfort of driving operation

in order to adapt to the needs of social products and environmental protection, through the improvement of vehicle shape and performance, change the extensive and smelly operation image, eliminate or reduce visual pollution, and avoid or reduce the impact of operation on the surrounding environment and personnel



technical transformation and innovation of compressed garbage truck with the concept of digital equipment is the development trend of compressed garbage truck

the compression garbage truck with digital equipment has the functions of operation state tracking, operation quality monitoring, operation condition analysis, fault detection and diagnosis, information collection and transmission, etc. it provides advanced and reliable technical support for improving the efficiency and quality of environmental sanitation operation, strengthening scientific decision-making and supervision, or considering the winding of constant linear speed system and constant tension system electrically


new energy

at this stage, the national 5 emission requirements have been fully realized, and the national 6 emission stage will soon be carried out. At the same time, developed cities have begun to introduce policies to restrict the purchase and licensing of fuel vehicles. For example, Shenzhen has completely stopped purchasing fuel sanitation vehicles and completed the comprehensive update in 2019. In the future, all newly purchased vehicles are required to be pure electric sanitation vehicles

all special purpose vehicle manufacturers across the country are also stepping up the research and development of relevant natural gas retractable garbage trucks and pure electric compressed garbage trucks. Compressed garbage trucks will also usher in considerable development in the use of electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display force value, printer print force value data, and automatic conversion of compressive strength new energy technology

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