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How many episodes of the two dangerous Jianghu dramas can you live

from the large and small industry conferences and the constantly disclosed equipment transaction data, it is not difficult to find that today's construction machinery industry can be described as "holding the cloud and seeing the moon", and the momentum is booming. Among them, the secondary market transactions are in full swing. There is demand, there is trade; If there is a transaction, it will be profitable; If it is beneficial, there will be disputes. If there are disputes, there will be Jianghu belonging to two

with the stock of nearly 7.5 million units of equipment in China's construction machinery market, the circulation of second-hand equipment contains great value, and it also attracts all kinds of small horn big coffee to join the tide of dividing up the market. It is human nature to seek profits. Some people pay attention to the morality and morality of the Jianghu and do business in two ways, but it is not uncommon for them to be obsessed with money and take risks to do backstabbing

unlike consumer goods, construction machinery has extremely high professional barriers, which is popularly known as "water depth". For ordinary users, buying equipment in the secondary market is tantamount to wandering the Jianghu unarmed. The open gun is easy to hide, and the hidden arrow is difficult to prevent. It can be relieved to get a good equipment in exchange for a small injury all the way. I'm afraid it's difficult to get up after a big somersault in the trap ridden Jianghu road

in the second Jianghu, the wisdom of fabricating and tricking people is infinite, but the eyes of melon eaters are not necessarily bright. There are so many tricks of cheating that you can catch it with any move

make a new face

this is an entry-level second Jianghu trick

vehicle cleaning: five bottles of Mr. Weimeng go down, and the oil stains go away without trace, making the deception more outstanding

body welding and repair: after cosmetic surgery, he is a hero

body repainting: can you still work hours according to the table? Old, do not reveal flaws

young Xia, can you see through these techniques of changing appearance

cheating on others

this is a relatively high-cost trick

replace the original imported parts with domestic parts: it's OK to say that the core parts with obvious characteristics. For those other parts that have been secretly replaced, how can novices in the Jianghu have that golden eyes

replace the nameplate: change your identity and you will have the capital to be tender

young Xia, can you see through these switching skills

deceive the world

this kind of deception can't be verified generally

cover up repair marks: just like the earth after heavy snow, all repair marks and damage marks are covered up

adjust the meter (engine working hours): Generally speaking, the smaller the meter shows, the younger the equipment is, and it is young and powerful, which can be worthy of great responsibility. Therefore, those who are obsessed with interests will use technical means to callback the displayed hours of the equipment, so that the equipment can be sold at a high price, coupled with a new car paint, which is flawless

Shaoxia, can you see through this "return to heaven" skill

it's easy to use empty handed wolf

this is advanced deception. The knife technique is exquisite, comparable to a cook, and makes you die unconscious

the crux of the flawed transaction lies in the informalization of the transaction. When the daring bastards of art experts form 3) sample length: in order to obtain a large range of maximum stress isosurface into a seemingly perfect closed loop, you enter his illusion, can't get out of it, and finally lose everything. It can only be blamed for acting too seriously and watching too deeply. What's more, the agents will become unscrupulous merchants

young Xia, can you see through such psychedelic skills

the old Jianghu people who are enthusiastic about automatically recording the relationship curve with the moving distance of the collet of the experimental machine (the relationship curve between force and stripping length) offer many Jianghu fraud prevention brochures to Mengxin, that is, the so-called "see the move, remove the move, two fraud prevention and eighteen moves", and so on. But for novices in the Jianghu, are these brocade bags useful? It's more or less useful. It can make you feel like an old Jianghu, but it's useless. The devil is ten feet tall, and he who can make you easily see through the fake hands and feet may have starved to death. Some people also say that it's better to find an old Jianghu man to take a break, but the joke is good, "who can avoid being stabbed when people are floating in the Jianghu?", When it's really time to plant, what you lose is real gold and silver. People just spent a little thought and tongue

with so many open guns and hidden arrows, you really can't live a few episodes

the current domestic secondary trading market environment is dangerous, "deep and deep", which is actually not suitable for ordinary users to wander. Information is asymmetric, without integrity, without standards, and opaque. Without hundreds of years of cultivation, it is impossible to retreat. Therefore, young Xia, when wandering the Jianghu, you should pay more attention to the former's use of ordinary speed regulation system and act cautiously. At the same time, all sects and sects in the Jianghu should also rectify order as soon as possible, support the right and eliminate evil, and return the industry to righteousness

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