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Compared with traditional lighting appliances, energy-saving lamps have low efficiency and high power consumption. Because of their high luminous efficiency, good color rendering, long service life and other characteristics, energy-saving lamps are increasingly welcomed by consumers, and have also been vigorously promoted by the Chinese government and other governments. However, recently, relevant institutions in many provinces and cities in China found that only about 50% of energy-saving lamps meet national standards. Although there may be limitations of sampling samples, it is no secret that the energy-saving lamp market is chaotic in the industry

Jerry built energy efficiency virtual standard

since the implementation of the energy efficiency labeling system for energy-saving lamps, energy efficiency virtual standard has become a new problem. In the recent spot check test conducted by Beijing Consumers' Association, 24.37% of the measured initial luminous efficiency of energy-saving lamps did not reach the stated value of enterprise products

"energy saving lamps whose initial luminous efficiency does not meet the standard are generally Jerry built on raw materials, using fake and inferior trichromatic powder or mixed powder, etc." Manager Liu of an energy-saving lamp manufacturer in Shenzhen told China business

"the relative value of energy-saving lamp products is low. Unlike refrigerators, air conditioners and other major electrical products that have implemented the energy efficiency labeling system, the concentration of industry brands is low. Therefore, the implementation and supervision of its energy efficiency labeling system must be more difficult than that of major electrical products." Liu Shengping, vice president and Secretary General of China Lighting Appliance Association, said

the power discrepancy deviation is large

the test of Beijing Consumers' Association shows that 72.17% of the measured power of energy-saving lamps do not reach the stated value of enterprise products, even including some well-known brand products. For example, the measured power of the provincial brand 11W energy-saving lamp is 6.7~7.9w, and the deviation is 28.2%~39.1%; Meiyuan brand 18W energy-saving lamp, the measured power is 9.8~11.0w, and the deviation is 38.9%~45.6%; Moreover, the difference between the brand logo and the actual power is nearly double. For example, the measured power of Xingxinghuo 18W energy-saving lamp is 7.4~9.6w, with a deviation of 46.7%~58.9%

the national standard stipulates that the difference between the actual power consumed by energy-saving lamps and the rated power shall not be greater than 15%

for the phenomenon that the power of the energy-saving lamp does not match the label, manager Zeng of a Jiangxi energy-saving electrical appliance company said: "on the one hand, it is the quality of electronic components in the line. 2. For the adjustment of the speed gear, open the leftmost cabinet door and the reducer cover door on the console, which is unstable and the design parameters are unreasonable; on the other hand, the production control of the enterprise is not done well, and the products are not tested when they leave the factory."

pseudo energy saving sacrifices environmental protection

because some small and medium-sized energy-saving lamp enterprises can not deal with the problem of mercury content in products well, and China does not have a clear set of waste energy-saving lamp recycling system to be established synchronously, many energy-saving lamp enterprises are at the cost of polluting the environment. At the stage of large underground structure manufacturing cost (1992-2015), for example, 1 mg of Mercury will pollute about 360 tons of water and the surrounding soil when it seeps into the ground, while an ordinary energy-saving lamp contains an average of 0.5 mg of mercury

"the feasibility of recycling energy-saving lamps by production enterprises is very low." Manager Zeng told, "waste energy-saving lamps are hazardous wastes, which cannot be degraded by themselves like some garbage. Special technology is needed from transportation to harmless treatment, and the cost is too high."

small enterprise multi capacity decentralization

"2U, 2.15 yuan; 3U, 3.0 yuan; semi spiral 3.3 yuan; full spiral 3.5 yuan." This is the price quoted by an energy-saving lamp manufacturer in Zhongshan. Just simply find the best material

"regular manufacturers can't produce high-quality energy-saving lamp products for three to five yuan." Zeng Li revealed that in order to reduce costs, many small enterprises use halogen powder or mixed powder that has long been eliminated to replace rare earth trichromatic phosphors, and the cost can be saved by 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan. In addition, the flame-retardant point of energy-saving lamps is high-temperature resistant, but many manufacturers use non flame retardant plastic (11880, -60.00, -0.50%) accessories, and the cost of a lamp can also be saved by 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan. Some energy-saving lamps simply save the safety tube, and even external lime materials, various electronic components, etc., may use things of different quality to reduce the cost

"for a long time, China's energy-saving lamp industry has been in a decentralized and disordered pattern. There are many small enterprises, few large enterprises, and the degree of intensive and large-scale production is very low." Liu Shengping told that there are tens of thousands of enterprises in the industry, of which large enterprises account for about 10% and small and medium-sized enterprises account for about 90%

large brand OEM small enterprises are close to famous brands

"energy saving lamps have relatively high technical requirements", the quality of parts is better, the manufacturing process is strict, and the inspection means are complete, all of which increase the cost. Many enterprises copy it, but usually the core part cannot be copied

it is understood that due to the low-cost products of small and medium-sized enterprises flooding the market, international energy-saving lamp brand manufacturers are also under great pressure to explore the Chinese market. Some international brand manufacturers simply rent their brands to domestic manufacturers, and domestic manufacturers OEM and ship them. In terms of quality control, sometimes the deformation measurement of electronic universal experimental machine means that measuring the displacement of materials through the experimental machine is not so easy, so there will be problems

manager Liu said that at present, there are also some small workshops counterfeiting famous brands. These products usually use inferior parts to make inferior products, and seize the market by low prices, which is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish

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