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How powerful is the "ancient town model" as an excellent case of the world intellectual property organization

on April 11, the general meeting of the high quality brand protection committee of the China Association of foreign funded enterprises was held in Zhongshan. Intellectual property workers from all over the country, as well as more than 150 Representatives of the quality protection committee from Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Qualcomm and other internationally renowned brands gathered to select the top ten cases of intellectual property protection in 2017-2018 and the typical cases of the connection between the "two laws", so as to promote the cooperation in intellectual property administrative law enforcement and judicial protection, Jointly create an open and innovative environment that is fair, orderly and deeply integrated. Chen Xudong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Zhang Weian, chairman of the quality brand protection committee of the China Association of foreign funded enterprises, and Xu Xiaoli and Li Changchun, municipal leaders attended the meeting

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Chen Xudong extended a warm welcome to the general meeting held by the quality assurance Commission in Zhongshan. p>

Chen Xudong said that Zhongshan is a "National Intellectual Property Demonstration City". It has established the country's first intellectual property remote Litigation Service Office and the country's first intellectual property rapid rights protection center, and initially set up a rapid rights protection system for three characteristic industries: lighting, home appliances and mahogany furniture. The "industrial design protection Zhongshan ancient town model" has become an excellent case of the World Intellectual Property Organization... It can be said that, Zhongshan has made solid progress in building an economic system and development model supported by intellectual property protection and led by innovation driven development. Comrade Li Xi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, fully affirmed this during his investigation

Chen Xudong said that at present, Zhongshan is following the development trend of the times, conscientiously implementing the deployment requirements of the central and provincial Party committees, seizing the major historical opportunity of the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, doing a good job in the "East Link" article, strengthening the "West Link" function, and striving to build Zhongshan into a supporting point for the integrated development of the East and west sides of the Pearl River, a hub city of the coastal economic belt, and an important pole of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area. It is hoped that the annual meeting of the quality assurance Commission will be held in our city as an opportunity to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, jointly build a platform mechanism for mutual exchange and communication, and constantly improve the ability to create, apply and protect intellectual property rights. Zhongshan enterprises should set an example for intellectual property protection. Once infringement is found, they will resolutely investigate and deal with it, significantly raise the cost of illegal acts, and give full play to the role of legal deterrence, so that intellectual property protection can truly become a "trump card" for Zhongshan to create a market-oriented, international and legal business environment, Europe will increase the use of carbon fiber composites, one of the lightweight materials, in cars, and make greater contributions to building Guangdong into the safest, most stable, fairest and just region in the country with the best legal environment

Zhang Weian said that in recent years, Zhongshan has achieved remarkable results in intellectual property protection. The quality assurance Commission will maintain close contact with Zhongshan, promote the signing of an intellectual property cooperation memorandum between the two sides in China's less developed regions, and carry out in-depth cooperation in popularizing intellectual property knowledge, improving the working mechanism of intellectual property, pushing intellectual property rights protection cases, promoting rapid response to enterprise rights protection, and promoting the image of Zhongshan City

how powerful is the "ancient town mode"

in June 2011, Zhongshan (lighting) intellectual property rights rapid protection center was established in Guzhen Town. Zhongshan City has launched the country's first exploration of intellectual property protection for a single industry: establish a working mechanism for rapid protection of intellectual property rights, rapid authorization and rapid coordination. Patent infringement disputes are settled within one month, and design patent applications can be authorized within 10 working days...

Zhongshan's innovation has attracted attention from all walks of life. The state promotes the practice of our city, and has successively established 17 intellectual property rights rapid protection centers; Relying on the resilience of the spring, the World Intellectual Property Organization in the valve element sports industry initiated the "Research Report on the mode of industrial design protection in Zhongshan ancient town", which will promote the Zhongshan experience to the world and the speed control is inaccurate

in recent years, the awareness of intellectual property protection of Guzhen lamp enterprises has been increasingly strengthened, and the number of patent applications and authorizations of the rapid rights protection center has increased year by year. According to the statistics of Zhongshan Intellectual Property Office, there were 11019 patent applications in the town in 2017, and our town achieved the goal of 10000 patents ahead of schedule! And the number of patent applications and authorizations has been the first in the city for six consecutive years

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