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How many secrets are there in the magic biomass based functional materials? There are too many dry goods in the release of science on paper. Release date: Source: Hangzhou

paper, one of China's four great inventions

papermaking, once popular in the world, has gradually lagged behind in modern times. In the final analysis, there is a big gap between China and the world in technology and materials

in the afternoon of July 15, the patter of rain did not stop everyone from walking. Many heads of research institutions and enterprises rushed to Qingshan Lake from all directions. Everyone's purpose was the same to see the scientific and technological achievements of "magical biomass based functional materials" released

the conference room was crowded with more than 40 enterprises, including many foreign friends with translators. Emilio Carcano is the technical director of Hangzhou huanshen packaging new materials Co., Ltd. he has been engaged in the flexible packaging industry for more than 40 years. Science knows no borders. At the age of 64, he made a special trip to the release site. "I like new things in scientific research very much. I want to see whether the new technology released today can be applied to our products and work together for win-win cooperation."

at the release site, Hangzhou Research Institute of chemical industry opened the mysterious laboratory door of the national paper center to the public for the first time, and showed how the first pilot production line of micro nano cellulose, a national key R & D project of the 13th five year plan, was formed by means of scientific live broadcast

can papermaking only be "logging + high pollution"

we found the key to solve the restriction

"we should do something that our predecessors have never done, and do something meaningful together."

"sometimes scientific research needs some inspiration. For example, when I walk by the canal in spring and see willow branches flying, I think of the first molecular structure modified by multifunctional groups of natural starch molecules."

publisher Yao Xianping is the president of Hangzhou Chemical Industry Research Institute and the first batch of special experts in Zhejiang Province. It undertook the national key scientific and technological research projects, made a major breakthrough in the technology of starch multi molecules replacing the key with a separator between the keys, and was rated as the highest academic honor of the Chinese society of Chemical Engineering - the first member of the society and the top ten leaders in China's paper industry

since engaging in the research and development of papermaking chemicals, Yao Xianping has undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects and achieved more than 30 scientific research achievements. For more than 30 years, he has been specialized in the research and development of modified starch and the transformation of achievements, starting from scratch and becoming a domestic leader

paper was originally thought to be wood pulp fiber and straw pulp fiber, but Yao Xianping believes that this traditional product made of fiber will one day become a biomass based functional material

the traditional paper industry faces three major bottlenecks: shortage of wood resources, serious wastewater pollution, and energy consumption ranking first in light industry. Starch derivatives are the key technology to solve the restriction

the modified starch series products for non wood fiber papermaking developed by Yao Xianping not only save energy and consumption, but also save a lot of wood resources. The project won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; He presided over and undertook the national major industrial technology development special project "new process for continuous fluidized and pipelined clean manufacturing of starch derivative powder", which achieved no wastewater and no exhaust emission, and the energy consumption was less than one quarter of the requirements of conventional processes, such as experimental fixtures. The acceptance and appraisal of the national development and Reform Commission believed that "key technologies reached the international leading level", and won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the China Petrochemical Federation

more importantly, all these scientific research achievements have been transformed, and 16 achievement industrialization bases have been established, including 3 national high-tech enterprises, whose technology and scale are leading in China

how to solve the problem of achievement transformation? Yao Xianping has taken a new path. Instead of finding topics and applying for projects, everything is market-oriented. The first step is to solve engineering and technical problems from the market demand, realize industrialization step by step, promote application, and finally generate benefits

where is the final destination of disposable plastics for any enterprise or business

white pollution, deep-sea pollution, we still have a chance to reverse. Shouldn't the 1-CUT valve on the hydraulic control box be opened and placed

at the event site, Yao Xianping asked everyone a question: "how many disposable plastics have you used in a day since breakfast? Where did they end up?"

there are three main places for disposable plastic waste: landfill, incineration and recycling

after landfilling, the general degradation cycle is 200 to 400 years, leaving a huge environmental hazard to the city and our descendants; Incineration treatment, insufficient combustion of plastics will release polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, furans and other harmful substances, causing serious secondary pollution to the environment; Recycling is very difficult. Every year, about 10million tons of plastic waste will eventually be discharged into the sea. Scientists even found a large number of micro plastics in deep-sea trenches

at a time when white pollution has become a global problem, can we find a renewable biomass resource to replace the refractory fossil resources? Yao Xianping set his sights on nano cellulose and undertook the construction of 100kg/d micro nano cellulose pilot demonstration line, a key R & D project of the national "13th five year plan"

what is the use of nano cellulose? It is degradable, bio renewable, non-toxic, and has the properties of nano materials. It is expected to replace metals and plastics in the future and is regarded as a new material in the "post carbon fiber era"

yesterday's release site showed various degradable products made of nano cellulose - fully degradable films, fully degradable foaming products, fully degradable knives, forks, spoons, fully degradable lunch boxes, fully degradable bottles, wood 3D printing materials, etc

it can also be applied to cosmetics such as cream, air purifiers, and even tomato sauce and hot pot sauces. There is also oil proof paper that is usually used. If it can be made of nano cellulose, the oil proof grade can be up to 12, and it can also replace fluorine-containing oil proof agent

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