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How long will it take for green bags to replace plastic bags

the vegetable market in the development zone has implemented measures to pledge environmental protection bags, and called on citizens to enhance their awareness of environmental protection.

from June 1 this year, the scientific management and utilization of plastic packaging have been strengthened. The plastic restriction order that has been implemented clearly stipulates that shopping malls, supermarkets and market fairs shall not provide free plastic shopping bags, and the use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm is prohibited. After the implementation of the plastic restriction order, remarkable results have been achieved, but nearly six months have passed, and the phenomenon of free provision of ultra-thin plastic bags is still visible everywhere. Some people can't help asking, how long will it take for eco-friendly bags to really replace plastic bags

free ultra-thin plastic bags still play a leading role

through a visit to the vegetable market and a number of stalls, it was found that although biodegradable plastic bags were placed in some business places, the real use was still free ultra-thin plastic bags. Everyone is still carrying disposable plastic bags, the same as before. An old man reported that compared with the beginning of the plastic restriction order in June, the use of disposable free ultra-thin plastic bags in various stalls and markets has rebounded significantly

the difficulty of implementing environmental protection bags is still in street stalls and market markets. Citizens who have bought things are carrying large and small colorful plastic bags. Bundles of ultra-thin plastic bags are hung in front of many vegetable and fruit stalls. As long as there are consumers to choose, vendors will habitually hand over plastic bags to consumers. When a vegetable dealer was asked whether he knew to avoid impact and dust entry when using shopping bags for a fee, he replied that he knew, and explained: we are also very helpless. Most of us would not want to let people buy vegetables pay for plastic bags. I said that bags should be charged, and people would go to the stall next door to buy them, which affected their business

the vegetable market implemented measures to pledge environmental protection bags

at the gate of the vegetable market in Beicun Road Development Zone, a collection point for pledge of environmental protection bags attracted attention. According to the staff, citizens can get a non-woven environmental protection bag by paying 3 yuan as collateral. As long as they return the environmental protection bag next time, they can return the mortgaged 3 yuan to him. This is a pilot project launched by the market development service center to reduce the use of plastic bags. Zhu lvqian, head of the food market management office, said

in addition to providing non-woven environmental protection bags, the vegetable market in the development zone also purchased a large number of degradable environmental protection plastic bags, which were forwarded to on-site operators at cost price. However, the implementation of this measure has encountered embarrassment. Since its implementation for half a month, the average number of non-woven environmental protection bags received is only more than 10 per day, and the utilization rate of degradable plastic bags is also unsatisfactory. Zhu lvqian said

the first is habit. Zhu lvqian believes that at present, most people feel that using environmentally friendly bags is troublesome, and when buying goods, vendors should provide free plastic bags. In addition, the relatively high price of degradable plastic bags also affects the enthusiasm of both parties. If the plastic restriction order can be really implemented, we will certainly do it according to the regulations. Sun Genwang, a vegetable farmer, said that now he has to spend at least 100 yuan a month on plastic bags. If everyone can use bags in the low intensity seismic fortification zone, this money will be saved

citizens' awareness of environmental protection needs to be strengthened.

from the perspective of consumers, we have a certain awareness of environmental protection. Zhu lvqian said that it is difficult for citizens to change their habit of using free plastic bags in a short time just by implementing them

he said that the starting point of implementing the plastic restriction order is to encourage people to use less thin plastic bags, use more recyclable and degradable thick plastic bags, or use environmentally friendly cloth bags through price adjustment, so as to guide residents to develop green living habits and consumption awareness. Therefore, the enhancement of citizens' consciousness is very important

in order to implement plastic restrictions in place, in addition to improving the citizens' awareness of environmental protection, I think we can strictly take disciplinary measures. A merchant operating environmental protection bags in the international trade city believes that, in particular, the production enterprises should be punished. As long as the enterprises also produce ultra-thin plastic bags, they should be punished according to the upper limit stipulated by the law. Only by stopping unqualified plastic bags from the source can we ensure that all the bags circulating in the market are qualified environmental protection bags

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