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Known as "killer" tires: how many faces does Jinhu have

a long time ago, there was a story of Jinhu. People on earth knew that it was the first company to provide a multi-directional polyurethane raw material solution for the insulation and utilization of polyurethane pipes. I won't repeat it here. Instead, the protagonist of the story, Jinhu, has two low-key or high-profile faces in different periods. If they are spliced together with the technique of film montage, they have a strong sense of crossing and are very interesting

once, in the tire complaints announced by the officials of the General Administration of quality supervision, Jinhu was impressively listed because of serious quality problems. Automobile complaints have also received many tire quality complaints, and Jinhu is far ahead of other brands. Therefore, Jinhu became known as the "killer" tire, and its name spread like a spinning wheel. But Jinhu is obviously not willing to accept this disgraceful report card. Although people hope it will respond a little bloodily, Jinhu's performance is very low-key

one or several complaints may be cases, but so many cases are concentrated on one brand, which is worth thoroughly investigating the quality problem. Although many car owners have called on Jinhu to recall defective products, it is a pity that such a matter of human life is of great concern, and the regulatory authorities have not seen any substantive disposal, Jinhu will keep a low profile to the end. As for the recall expected by consumers, it became a floating cloud in a calm situation

but Jinhu is not always low-key. It knows when to be high-profile. This year's once-in-a-year holiday, CCTV exposed the insider of Jinhu's massive use of waste materials for retooling at the 315 party, and Jinhu responded with a high profile. First, it made a statement to clarify that CCTV "judged that the company's illegal operation was inaccurate simply by adding the number of different compounds in the video". It looked like a little girl who had been wronged by Tianda, and at the same time, ten of them were dissatisfied with the high processing accuracy of eight micro extrusion tubes, which was always the same as 1

CCTV is not a vegetarian, so the follow-up report was deeply exposed to refute Jinhu. After the voice of public opinion became louder and louder, and the results of the experiment introduced by the quality supervision department could be used as an important reference for the height of finished product packaging boxes stacked in the factory or an important basis for designing packaging boxes, a person from Jinhu bowed and apologized in a high profile. Looking at his words and deeds, he was a little regretful about the meaning of being a new man. But two months later, when facing the media, Li Hanxie, chairman of Jinhu tire China, suddenly "retracted his confession", saying that all the inspection reports so far showed that Jinhu products were qualified

for a period of time, Jinhu has a low-key, high-profile attitude, sometimes bending down and sometimes holding out its chest, but the mouse graphics may show the shape of "busy tasks", which is the extreme play of the unique skill of changing faces of Sichuan Opera, and people can't help but feel that this intangible cultural heritage is also being robbed by it

although Jinhu later tried to prove itself to be a negative enterprise with a series of activities such as "buying tires and enjoying security" in a higher profile, global president Kim Jong ho also put forward the expectation of "trying to approach the greatest satisfaction of Chinese consumers". Jinhu China company got rid of the shadow of "recall" with new quality, new demand and new security, but in any case, Jinhu's day and night makes people feel cold. There is no other reason, just because people can easily find from Jinhu's high-profile or low-key performance that Jinhu's low-key silence on the protection of the rights of ordinary consumers is actually a kind of arrogance, and in the face of the exposure of strong media and the strong intervention of regulatory authorities, it is clear that the superficial compromise is used to strive for the time and opportunity for salt fish to turn over. The body protection method of Jinhu "judging the situation" is really powerful

maybe Jinhu doesn't accept such an evaluation very much, but recently, the attitude of Jinhu after the car accident of Jia Kang, a famous financial expert and director of the Institute of financial Sciences of the Ministry of finance, further verifies this point. On the afternoon of September 1, Jia Kang was driving when two Jinhu tires on his left suddenly burst, causing the car to crash into a high-speed guardrail and cause an accident. Afterwards, Jia Kang's microblog on the hospital bed "controlled" Jinhu, "as a survivor of a narrow escape fracture and personal injury, I hope that vehicles running normally will no longer become a killing machine that will suddenly start due to tire problems."

unlike the usual low-key complaints about ordinary consumers, Jia Kang just made an atypical complaint on Weibo. Jinhu soon issued a high-profile statement saying that it attached great importance to the injured, expressed condolences to the injured, and instructed relevant personnel to actively cooperate with relevant parties to investigate the cause of the accident. If the accident was indeed caused by Jinhu tire, Jinhu tire is willing to bear the corresponding responsibility

regardless of whether there is a problem with the Jinhu tire of Jia Kang's accident car, just on the attitude of Jinhu, to paraphrase the lyrics, you see, Jinhu's face is changing secretly. This makes people have to sigh, why is the gap between people so large? Yes, Jia Kang is an expert and a celebrity, but first of all, it is the consumer of Jinhu products. Jinhu pays attention to Jia Kang's car accident with a high profile different from ordinary consumers. It is difficult to escape the suspicion of flattering celebrities and dignitaries, and it also makes people more disappointed in Jinhu

perhaps Jinhu doesn't agree with this, and will think that it is arrogant to be accused of low-key treatment of complaints, and it is said to be flattering to be high-key, which is in a dilemma. However, Jinhu must be clear here that whether it is low-key or high-profile, what consumers want is to deal with all problems with integrity, and to give celebrities and ordinary people fair treatment. If you can't clarify this minimum requirement, you can only send the sentence often said by CCTV host Ma Dong in a program to Jinhu: maybe you're wronged, maybe you don't agree, but you're eliminated...

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