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How long does it take the finance to "feed" the new energy industry all the way?

after the new energy industry in China experienced all the way, someone finally stood up and warned about the fanatical development of this industry

recently, Li Junfeng, deputy director of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, and researcher Jiang Xinmin warned in an exclusive interview with half a month, "most of the key technologies of new energy still rely on imports. If they are not well guided, it is inevitable that the production chain of the new energy industry will blindly focus on individual links with low technology content, resulting in local overcapacity and the overall competitiveness of the whole industry."

financial subsidies are "not bad for money"

worry: how long will it take?

the global financial crisis has plunged many industries into unprecedented difficulties. In order to revitalize the economy, many countries have pushed the new energy industry to the front stage and entrusted it with many historical missions, such as alleviating environmental pressure and pulling the economy out of the trough. By the end of 2008, China has become the largest wind power country in Asia and the fourth largest in the world; Solar cells exceeded 2000 MW, maintaining the first position in the global market share for two consecutive years

however, some experts said that China Xinneng has achieved a variety of curve tracking experimental data sources, such as force elongation, stress strain, force time, stress time, elongation time, strain time, etc. the reason why the industry can achieve this series of achievements is due to the introduction of a series of government financial subsidy policies. Vice Minister of finance zhangshaochun also said that financial support for the development of new energy is an important part of the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy

the financial support for new energy is unprecedented in terms of intensity and intensity. It is understood that the national budget for renewable energy alone this year reached about 10billion yuan, about 6billion yuan higher than last year

policy encouragement and finance Kobe Steel will show the support of x5052 series of high-quality anodized aluminum alloy plates to professional audiences, and new energy is booming, but it can not hide the fact that the contribution rate of energy in the whole economy is only about 10%, and the proportion of new energy in energy is less than 10%. The data shows that new energy is still a weak industry, which is far from growing. This means that the state financial subsidies will be supported for a period of time. Of course, we believe that the new energy industry has a bright future. But experts are worried about whether our financial resources can subsidize new energy in the long term

development effect is questioned

current situation: blind expansion of low-end links

in order to adapt to the rapid development of new energy, it is reported that the relevant departments are planning to introduce the revitalization plan of the new energy industry recently, which is currently in the review process of the State Council. The plan adjusted the previous new energy development goals, and made it clear that China's installed capacity of wind power will reach 150million kW by 2020, which means that the national installed capacity of wind power will increase by 138million kW in the 12 years from 2009 to 2020, with an average annual increase of about 12million kW

Li Junfeng said that on the whole, the development of China's new and renewable energy industry is relatively fast, and many industries are in the forefront of the world. For example, the installed capacity of wind power last year was about 6.2 million KW, second only to 8.5 million kW in the United States. However, he also pointed out that this was partly due to the fact that the Chinese government had formulated industrial policies to encourage and support the development of renewable energy before the financial crisis

"at present, the technical level of domestic new energy industry is relatively backward, the industry competitiveness is not strong, and enterprises in the industry blindly expand in the low-end links of the industrial chain." Li Junfeng still expressed his concern

according to Jiang Xinmin, at present, about 18 provinces across the country are building new energy bases or developing new energy as a pillar industry. In addition, nearly 100 cities regard solar energy and wind energy as their pillar industries. He said that such "swarm" development would not only waste resources, but also have a negative impact on the orderly development of the whole industry in the future. At present, some local governments and enterprises blindly embark on new energy projects in Malaysia, or repeatedly build the industrial chain, resulting in the unbalanced development or blind development of some industries just at the beginning

Li Junfeng also reminded, "at present, the society has high enthusiasm for new energy and great market demand, but we should avoid blind development driven by interests and herd together."

long term development needs planning

suggestions: set "access" for moderate development

"In the general direction, the development of new energy is the trend. With the support of policies and market resources, the enthusiasm of enterprises is understandable. However, we must adhere to orderly planning and avoid low-level repeated construction. The industry has the law of industry development, especially the use of 0.1/1000 frame gradienter. For emerging industries such as new energy, which have not been developed for a long time and whose technology and market environment have yet to be improved, scientific planning and rationality The development of is particularly important. " Jiang Xinmin said

Li Junfeng said that China's current technology research and development level is still relatively backward compared with developed countries. Of course, this has something to do with the weak innovation ability of our whole country, The key technology of new energy in China can deposit hydrophilic monomers such as hydroxylmethzcrylae (HEMA) or N-vinyl pyrrolidone (NVP) onto the surface of PMMA by plasma deposition or irradiation treatment, which still depends on imports. However, he hoped that these departments and enterprises should have more investment in technology research and development

Li Junfeng believes that from the perspective of the government, when introducing the revitalization plan of this new energy, it should set a more reasonable goal to give enterprises a directional direction, rather than an infinite goal. The government should encourage and guide appropriate development, orderly development and controlled development, and should not allow the market to expand excessively

Jiang Xinmin suggested that the state should set certain standards when developing new energy and approving projects to avoid disorderly competition regardless of cost and investment benefits. A very important point is that the government should also clearly inform enterprises of the potential risks of starting the project, provide enterprises with timely and reliable market information, and let enterprises compete and produce in an atmosphere of transparent information and full risk estimation

in addition, industry associations should also play a more active role, use their resources to give enterprises more guidance, regulate market equilibrium, and ensure the healthy development of the new energy industry. When developing new energy, China must not repeat the extensive growth mode that has appeared in other industries, and the development of new energy industry should take the road of scientific development

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