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How long does it take a decoration company to provide fake Dulux consumers?

how long does it take a decoration company to provide fake Dulux consumers?

October 14, 2009

[China paint information] recently, After more than half of the new house decoration project in the west of the city, Ms. sun encountered an unexpected thing: the "duluxi" latex paint provided by the decoration company, which she had always trusted, was actually a "fake". First, carefully read the instructions of the electronic universal laboratory machine, and refused to pay the paint material fee of the decoration company in anger

Ms. sun has been very busy with her work. In order to save worry, she specially found a well-known decoration company during the decoration of her new house. The decoration contract was signed in the "half package" way, that is, except for tiles, doors and overall cabinets, other decoration materials were provided by the decoration company

according to Ms. sun, the relevant person in charge of the decoration company said that in order to ensure the "purity" of the materials and prevent the Contractor from cheating, all their materials are specially customized. Who knows, near the end of the project, Ms. sun suddenly found that the Dulux latex paint provided by this decoration company was a fake

"what a surprise! It's obviously a fake. But the budget is made according to the genuine one. I can't believe that as a famous decoration company in Hangzhou, it's so blatant." Ms. Sun said that the paint bucket of genuine Dulux was written with the Chinese character "Dulux" and the English logo was Dulux, while the fake bucket did not dare to write the Chinese character Dulux and the English logo was duloxuk. And the words "supervised by Dulux Chemical Group Co., Ltd." are written in small letters under the barrel. For the above four stages

in this regard, the careful Ms. sun went to the company's headquarters to ask for the product certificate and quality inspection report. The materials she got were provided by the "Guangzhou Institute of product quality supervision and inspection", which indicated that the manufacturer was "Guangzhou Aomeite Coating Factory Co., Ltd." what she doubted was that the product name was "magic home matte wall paint", and she didn't mention Dulux at all. Ms. sun then went up and searched. The genuine Dulux paint has no function at all to introduce any product magic home series, and the real manufacturer of Dulux should be "bournemen Swire paint Co., Ltd."

"this is enough to show that the 'magic home matte wall paint' provided by the decoration company has nothing to do with Dulux." Ms. Sun said that what is more interesting is that the budget book in the decoration contract says' Dulux fantasy home latex paint ', which is inconsistent with the actual product provided in the contract, and the words specially used by the decoration company are prominently printed on the fake paint bucket. "

Ms. sun approached the decoration company for the first time, and the other party did not admit that the "Dulux" latex paint provided by Ms. sun was fake, but said that if she did not like this brand, she could change to another brand, but was rejected by Ms. sun iron ore, whose later demand might continue to shrink

finally, after negotiation between the two parties, the decoration company reduced the budget of Ms. sun's new house decoration paint, and Ms. sun purchased paint materials and asked workers to construct. Both parties also prepared a written agreement as a guarantee

how can consumers protect their rights if they find that the materials provided by decoration companies are "fake"? Chen Zhonglu, deputy director of Zhejiang Zhelian law firm, said that first of all, it is recommended that consumers take good care of fake products (such as Ms. sun's need to take good care of latex paint barrels) as proof of rights protection, and protect their rights through the following ways: first, complain to the Consumer Association; The second is to sue the court. After rights protection, it is confirmed that the decoration company pretends to be genuine. Consumers can require the decoration company to redecorate and bear the loss of overdue delivery. At the same time, they can also require the decoration company to bear twice the decoration cost of counterfeit products in the contract (such as the decoration cost of latex paint)

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