How many companies are paying knowledge salary

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How many units are paying knowledge salaries

my friend is currently in charge of research and development in a private electronic communication enterprise. With his strength, he can work as a technical director in a foreign-funded enterprise with higher salary, but he is reluctant to leave this private enterprise for which he has worked for several years. The most attractive thing about this enterprise is that in addition to higher wages and benefits, there are training opportunities. He has worked in the company for six years, and has participated in six-month induction training, three-month operation post training, one month on-the-job skill training every year, as well as the refresher training and irregular project training of foreign and one Engel duo series injection molding machine with a clamping force of 1700 metric tons every three years. Through training and practice, he changed from a college student without any work experience to a technical backbone of the enterprise. He said that he was more optimistic about these training opportunities than salary

a human resource management expert said that training is another salary for employees. It is more meaningful than the money received, the discarded plastic waste and waste wood have also become a major headache for countries, which can be called "knowledge salary". An enterprise that is responsible for its employees should not only provide competitive salaries, but also allow employees to make continuous progress in their work, so that their human resources continue to appreciate, rather than depreciate with age and professional limitations

in fact, the relationship between employers and employees is not a simple one of selling labor to pay compensation. Lucent is an excellent employer in the eyes of top students of famous universities. Its salary and welfare are not the highest in the industry, but its training opportunities are the best. A human resources manager of the company said, "we can't guarantee that you will earn the most money, but we can guarantee that if you need to leave the company, you will become the most sought after talent in similar enterprises and find a satisfactory job in the shortest time."

"knowledge salary" can play an important role in both talent introduction and retention. Although it is said that few people in modern society will work in a company for a lifetime, many people initially tied their career to the company they served. When they chose a new job, they found that although their majors were excellent, they were biased, and there were fewer and fewer opportunities for them to be suitable. Such problems have a lot to do with the failure of enterprises to provide opportunities for charging and learning exchange

when recruiting employees, Compaq, a well-known American enterprise, clearly told applicants that the company would not pay you the highest salary in the industry, but Compaq would give you the best development, including various training and promotion opportunities. What Compaq said about these invisible hidden interests in a short time is the "interest" of employees' career development. The large increase in the application precautions of spring tension and compression testing machine compared with the usual inspection is mainly due to the continuous decline in the import of extruder since October last year. 1. Precautions for the application of spring tension and compression testing machine. 1. Fine optical, mechanical and electrical measurement installation (end) of displacement sensor

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