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Senyuan Co., Ltd. won the "certificate of intellectual property management system"

Senyuan Co., Ltd. won the "certificate of intellectual property management system"

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recently, Senyuan Co., Ltd. passed the implementation system certification of the national standard gb/t "Specification for the management of setting the right of enterprise intellectual property to set the material test time of experimental machines through controllers" and won the "certificate of intellectual property management system up to now"

with the rise of knowledge economy, intellectual property has become the core element of market competitiveness. Enterprises are the main body of independent innovation, and also the main body of intellectual property creation, application, management and protection. Improving the level of intellectual property management of enterprises is an important guarantee to enhance the ability of independent innovation. For this reason, the company paid more attention to the use of its products in the industry and the construction of its intellectual property management system. Finally, on october25,2017, the company passed the standard implementation system certification of gb/t enterprise intellectual property management specifications and won the "intellectual property management system certification"

the "guiding opinions of the eight ministries and commissions of the State Council on the full implementation of the national standard for the management of enterprise intellectual property rights (gzfgz {2015}44 document)" mentioned that by 2020, a nationwide guidance system for the implementation of the work policy for the implementation of the code that meets the needs of innovation and development should be established, a third-party certification system that follows the market mechanism should be formed, and most enterprises with innovative advantages should be guided to establish an intellectual property management system, The ability of enterprises to use and protect intellectual property has been greatly improved, and the contribution of intellectual property to the competitive advantage of enterprises has been significantly enhanced

the passing of the "intellectual property management system certification" by Senyuan will help the company fully implement the intellectual property management policy of "encouraging creation, effective application, legal protection and scientific management". Through the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the system, the company will further standardize the intellectual property work of the enterprise, so that the enterprise can achieve sustainable development in the implementation of intellectual property management, Better enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises

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