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Crown Holdings, Inc (nyse:cck) recently announced that the first asymmetric 150 pipe fitting spray tank for building water supply cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe for consumer products was put into production. The product was jointly developed by them with crown's spray packaging branch (crown) and WD-40 company, a world-famous supplier of lubricants, cleaning agents and household products

in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of WD-40 lubricant when the impact testing machine is running in a place with high humidity, the new spray container also has a comfortable and easy to grasp shape, and makes the product easy to modulate. In addition, WD-40 recognized yellow protective layer is also molded on the tank, forming a unique three-dimensional shape, enhancing the market image and the attractiveness of packaging. The new spray container has 8 oz. and 11 oz. capacity

"the shape and color of WD-40 have never changed in the past 35 years," said Mike Freeman, President of WD-40 North America. "As this commemorative day is approaching, we are all looking for an interesting and innovative way to celebrate our brand and improve sales and profits by supporting key enterprises of new materials to benchmark against international benchmarks."

this unique container will also fight against counterfeiting in China. China accounts for about 50% of its lubricant market share. The company estimates that the counterfeit WD-40 accounts for another 25% of the market share

"although counterfeiters are very good at stealing traditional packaging designs, they cannot imitate the formula and performance of products," Freeman said, "We want to be sure that consumers have achieved the good quality they expect of WD-40 and prevent any potential damage to the product due to the counterfeit formula. This new asymmetric shape is extremely difficult to counterfeit, so that consumers can easily distinguish between genuine and counterfeit packaging."

the ability to make this unique design is attributed to crown's high-pressure injection forming process. The preform is initially placed in a finished die to produce the desired shape. The preform is then formed by using compressed air to expand into the shape of the mold and form a unique packaging tool

the new asymmetric container was put into the Chinese market in September and will become the standard packaging of WD-40 in the region. In the United States, WD-40 has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Wal Mart, and the first batch of 8-ounce packages were put into the U.S. market in october2003. By january2004, WD-40 will start selling 8 oz and 10 oz packages as promotional products through other retail channels. According to the feedback of consumers, this container may also become a permanent packaging form in the United States

Developed in 1953, WD-40 is known as "a canned product with 1000 uses", which can prevent metal from rusting or corrosion, infiltrating bonded parts, moistureproof and lubricating any object. WD-40 is also ideal for cleaning grease, dirt and removing imprints from most surfaces

"WD-40 has historically become a popular product," Freeman explained. "We are extremely looking forward to this interesting new packaging can to attract consumers, form a stable sales network, and enhance the integrity of the brand."

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