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The United States has developed a new type of injection molding machine with screw fixed plunger moving. Rickfitzpatrick, a veteran of the plastics industry in Colorado, has developed a new type of injection molding machine, which he said is "obviously different from the reciprocating injection molding screw or traditional plunger machine"

compared with the existing models, this new plasticizer has a small volume and an injection size of 57g. The price is also relatively low, ranging from 12000-25000 US dollars (82000-170800 yuan). The plastic machine also has the advantage of low power consumption. The target group approved by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) is companies that want to produce special parts in-house at a low cost without outsourcing their business to overseas companies

he called it a "part/machine" concept

fitzpatrick's molding machine penetrates a plunger and is convenient to query, output and print the inside of a fixed spiral screw. The screw is only used to push the resin particles forward: the screw itself is fixed and has no heating and melting functions, which is different from the traditional reciprocating screw technology

fitzpatrick said in an interview in berthoud, Colorado, "the plunger can move, while the screw is fixed."

he said that his company, koalescellc, was producing and selling vertical and horizontal models of the injection molding machine, with the maximum injection size of 57g

According to Fitzpatrick, the low-pressure process adopted by the new machine can control the melting temperature very accurately. He said that the spiral screw pushes the resin particles into the heated part of the barrel, uses the barrel heater or barrel heater to heat the particles, and is supported by the special configuration of the internal barrel diameter

next, the plunger injects the melt into the mold

fitzpatrick entered the plastic industry in the early 1980s, engaged in mold design and product design, and had contact with various products from 72 cavity screw disassembly and assembly of mold to large single cavity components. He worked for capsonicgroup and dtmproductsinc Dtmproductsinc., headquartered in niwot, Colorado, USA The company has been approved by Flextronics International Ltd And adjust the brightness of the bulb to a comfortable state

fitzpa's gorgeous colors can make the design more pleasing to the eye. Trick describes people's traditional understanding of Plastics: large plastic machines often have multi cavity molds, which consume a lot of power and require large support structures

he said: "this is a subjective process, which needs years of experience to be improved."

he said, but his new process is easy to use, "and has a competitive advantage in the cost of parts molding."

fitzpatrick said: "this process can be operated effectively without a lot of experience, because we have clearly defined it and connected it to a control system in a way that existing machines cannot do. This is a magical machine and the technology used is scalable."

koalesce, headquartered in berthoud, has released several videos on YouTube to demonstrate the operation of the injection molding machine. The company currently uses a set of elbow bar mold locking system, but Fitzpatrick revealed that he plans to start using a new mechanical interlocking machine later this year

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