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Methane is a strong greenhouse gas. If it is used to make plastic products, it can not only remove air pollution but also replace oil. Although science has long known this possibility, how to reduce the cost for commercial production is a big problem. A few days ago in the United States, a small startup called newlight technologies announced that it had made a breakthrough

the company said that it has found an alternative way to use methane from farm animal manure to make plastic. At present, it has reached plastic supply contracts with large enterprises such as Dell and L'Oreal. The plastic made from methane can be used to make packaging, chairs and other products. Mark herrema, the CEO of the company, said that the price of plastic with an increase of 41.844 billion yuan over the same period last year was lower than that of traditional plastics, and hoped to bring about a revolution in the plastic industry, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. "We believe that we can achieve a win-win situation of economy and environmental protection," he said

herema said that its products have two advantages over traditional petrochemical plastic products: first, the raw materials of the products can reduce air pollution over time, and second, the price is lower. However, Xinguang Technology Co., Ltd. is currently small in scale and requires a large amount of follow-up investment. After the methane is transported to the plant of Xinguang technology company, it is pumped into the reactor together with air and biocatalyst independently developed by the company

professor davidvalentine of the University of California, Santa Barbara (how much do you know about this equipment? Let's introduce the characteristics and working conditions of the well cover pressure tester) pointed out that the methane used by Xinguang technology company comes from dairy farms and waste landfills, rather than commercial markets, which may hinder the expansion of the scale. The company itself will not have a great impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but a small amount of emission reduction is also helpful

methane is the largest component of natural gas and one of the main greenhouse gases leading to global warming. In the United States, agriculture is the main source of methane emissions. According to the statistics of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, more than one third of the methane gas in the United States comes from dunghill or the digestive system of livestock, such as cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats. At present, most plastic products in the United States are made of ethane extracted from natural gas, while the rest of the world mainly uses oil to make plastics

Goetz veser, a methane plastic technology expert and professor of the University of Pittsburgh, said that for decades, how to convert methane into higher hydrocarbons has been a major problem in the industry

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