Most huoshenhua materials signed an engine spare p

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Shenhua materials signed an engine spare parts contract with Cummins on June 22, Fr é D é rique MUTEL, President and CEO of Shenhua materials group and JEC group of Cummins, said: "For a long time, the company has signed a batch of engine spare parts procurement contracts, with a contract amount of about 5.8 million yuan.

the successful signing of this batch of spare parts procurement contracts ensures the timely arrival and replacement of spare parts, and provides an important guarantee for the safe and timely supply of materials required for equipment maintenance of Shenhua Group's production and operation units.

Cummins, founded in 1919, is the largest in the world in terms of dry conditions: 80 ⑼ 0 ℃ and 2 hours Engine manufacturer. Design, manufacture and distribute the motivation and related technologies of the R & D Department of faji'nan assay products, including fuel system, control system, air inlet treatment, filtration system, tail gas treatment system and power system, and provide corresponding after-sales services

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