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Kobe Steel uses plastic waste as fuel Kobe Steel recently decided to use waste plastic as fuel in the No. 3 blast furnace of kagagawa iron making plant and the No. 6 boiler for its own power generation equipment. The company first started to use the No. 6 boiler. The annual consumption of waste plastics is about 170 tons. It discusses the problems of industrial standards, compliance information, technology and product quality, etc. (the No. 3 blast furnace is about 10000 tons, and the No. 6 boiler is about 7000 tons)

by 2010, the energy of the iron and steel industry will be reduced by 10%, and actively use the energy equivalent to 1.5% "chenweihong said that waste plastics and other underutilized energy will be the goal of the iron and steel industry. On the other hand, about 70% of the waste plastics with an annual output of about 8.8 million tons were buried or incinerated in the past. However, due to the shortage of land for burying garbage, incineration will produce harmful gas at any time. Therefore, it is hoped that safe and mass treatment methods can be put forward. In this case, Kobe Steel decided to use plastic waste as fuel with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions

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