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Yimeide aluminum alloy doors and windows | aluminum alloy folding doors are used in restaurants and living rooms. It's good

recently, the TV series "everything is good" has aroused heated discussion among the audience. It's not only the social point of view of the play, but also the home decoration in the movie series has attracted public attention, especially the kitchen and living room are connected by folding doors, which is also a trend at the moment when the house price is expensive and the house is small

it can be seen from the play that the kitchen is connected with the dining room, and the dining room is connected with the living room, which not only increases the lighting of the dining room and the living room, but also increases the overall activity space. The dining atmosphere is to relax. If the space is narrow, it will appear depressed. The use of folding doors can maximize the space area, and there is enough space to set two tables on the scene when there are many people

yimeide aluminum alloy doors and windows folding doors open and close

yimeide folding doors can effectively expand the use space for you in the balcony, kitchen, living room and other occasions. Yimeide has developed strict processing and management processes and processes, from less to more, yimeide is built with German technical ingenuity

▲ yimeide multi fold folding door, aluminum alloy door and window inspection before leaving the factory

high quality hardware accessories are used

due to the displacement of the center of gravity of the folding door, the hardware is affected by multiple directional forces in use, so the requirements for the quality of hardware are relatively high. Yimeide adopts high-quality folding door special hardware accessories, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and not easy to loosen; The pulley part is reinforced and thickened to improve the strength. The pulley adopts rolling bearings, which is smooth and quiet

anti pinch design

the yimeide folding door adopts the anti pinch design. When the door leaf is closed, there is a buffer rubber pad between the two doors to prevent fingers from being pinched by aluminum profile. All details reflect the care and care for the safety of family members, and highlight the humanized design concept of yimeide

yimeide always takes German doors and windows as the standard, inherits the craftsman spirit, pursues excellence, and provides the public with high-quality, tasteful and high-value door and window products

Foshan yimeide door and window company was founded in 2008. It is a manufacturer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its products include high-end heavy sliding doors, aluminum doors, European villa sunshine rooms, folding doors, broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge window screen integrated windows, Pt doors, etc. Yimeide door and window factory has signed grassland singer Ulan Tuya as the brand spokesperson. Yimeide has participated in the Shanghai and Guangzhou Construction Expo for many years, and has invested a lot of money to strongly display and broadcast advertisements on major high-speed rail sites across the country. At present, yimeide door and window engineering cases are all over the country, with yimeide brand stores in more than 30 provinces and nearly 100 cities across the country. Company address: Shuibian Industrial Park, Taiping Town, Dali, Nanhai, Foshan. Aluminum alloy doors and windows franchise hotline: 0757-81821258; website http://www.ymddoor.cn




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