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Isalay's 2015 autumn new product launch will be held in two stages from August 3 to 9, in the headquarters exhibition hall from August 3 to 6, and in Shenzhen from August 7 to 9

looking forward to it and attracting the attention of the public, the top ten curtain brands isalai people welcomed the new product launch in autumn 2015 with the same enthusiasm as before! Isalay's 2015 autumn new product launch will be held in two stages from August 3 to 9, in the headquarters exhibition hall from August 3 to 6, and in Shenzhen from August 7 to 9

the biggest highlight of this autumn new product launch is the "new Chinese curtain", which is characterized by the organic combination of modern elements and traditional elements to create a traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people. This design makes the new Chinese style curtains show their style with a rhythm controlled by Oriental aesthetic concepts! The number and content of calligraphy and paintings on the curtain are not much, but the artistic conception it creates. It can be said that no matter how strong the west wind blows, the soothing artistic conception is always the unique feelings of Oriental people. In such a room full of Chinese style, the story of Ren Qiannian flows through his fingers

(show the implication of classical Chinese elements, the popularity of traditional culture, and the delicate texture of the fabric.)

(the combination of traditional elements and modern elements reflects its dignified and simple temperament, the delicacy of silk jacquard cloth, the rich sense of hierarchy of flower elements, and the noble color, highlighting the true national color of peony.)

(implicit and elegant, meaning auspicious, elements echo with curtains, combined with jacquard weaving technology, reflecting the delicacy of silk and semi gloss color.)

(the product design constructs an ethereal charm. The laser cutting embroidery process and the double-layer three-dimensional embroidery method show the posture of plum blossom and let the subtle and elegant fragrance show more directly.)

(the classical auspicious cloud pattern shows the solemnity and elegance of the Chinese style. The fabric is matched by color contrast, and the embroidery process is meticulous and lasting, showing a cloud like artistic conception, quiet and comfortable.)

this year, "Internet +" is a marketing strategy that all industries want to overcome. Isalai curtain joined the headquarters to take the lead and grandly launched "Internet +o2o cloud system"! In addition, the relevant information was announced on the public wechat in the early stage of the exhibition: isalay joined hands with the revolutionary Three Systems "o2o · 3D cloud system", "ERP big data order system" and "ACC automatic pricing system" to shock and emerge

a series of announcements aroused the curiosity and passion of franchisees, who came all the way to see and explore. After the whole press conference, the franchisees were full of passion, had a clear direction for future development, and were full of joy for the future! Xiaoyi feels a lot of joy and excitement, so don't be too depressed for Fanwu's franchisees who can't participate in this new product launch. Next, Xiaoyi will review the wonderful and essence of this autumn new product launch one by one in the form of graphics and text, and feel it together

(Guangdong isalay curtain joined the head office of the new exhibition hall of the headquarters)

(partners from all over the country came to choose new flower curtains during isalay autumn exhibition)

since the autumn new product launch on August 3, the shuttle vehicles of isalay curtain joined the headquarters have left early every morning. The franchisees are enthusiastic, and returning to the exhibition hall is like going home, with a sense of urgency of returning home

(the regional manager and the franchisee place serious orders on the second floor of the exhibition hall)

(the regional manager and the franchisee discuss the marketing direction)

(the picture shows the franchisee taking a rest in the exhibition hall ~)

(the picture shows the regional manager answering the product plan for the franchisee)

(the franchisee partners actively participate in the 3D cloud system training course)

"Internet +3d cloud system" training class starts at 2:30 p.m. on time every day, with 2 class hours every day. Due to the tight seats, the training room was filled with people early. Everyone was absorbed and didn't want to miss any link

(in the classroom, everyone listens attentively)

the training course is held in an orderly manner under the auspices of manager Lu of the marketing department, driving franchisees to gradually enter the essence of "3D cloud system", which is like saying that it is getting better

(Director Lin explains the 3D cloud system to franchisees)

President Lin, marketing director of isalay, the top ten brands of curtains, explained to franchisees the powerful functions of the "3D cloud system". This design software completely subverts the retail mode of fabric curtains. Having this device is equal to having core competitiveness and quickly seizing the market

(manager Lu of the marketing department is as energetic as ever

(Mr. Lin, the marketing director, explained carefully and gradually, as always with patience)

(Mr. Zhang, the strategic partner, showed the strength of the system to isalai partner)

the lecturer of this class was Mr. Zhang, the strategic partner. Mr. Zhang showed you the real 3D perspective design, 720 ° all-round without dead corners! Any house type can be quickly modeled in 1 minute and quickly designed in 10 minutes! Cloud rendering technology, the effect is more intuitive and realistic

(the picture shows the exhibition of isalay exhibition hall of Shenzhen exhibition, booth: 1b01)

2015 autumn Shenzhen international home furnishing and Soft Decoration Expo was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on August 7! The effect of this exhibition is the same as in the past. Isalay's high-end curtain exhibition hall is crowded, and the customers who have joined in are constantly asked. Customers are moved by isalay's brand display, and are full of confidence in the marketing model. In particular, the launch of "3D cloud system" this year has attracted a large number of interested customers to follow the company's shuttle vehicles to visit the exhibition hall of Foshan headquarters

(the picture shows the exhibition on the background wall of isalai hall in Shenzhen exhibition)

(the picture shows the company leaders negotiating with new partners)

(the picture shows the staff of isalai negotiating with interested customers)

the appearance of the exhibition hall, in addition to allowing participants to fully experience the brand culture and operation mode of isalai, the top ten curtain brands, and perceive the high-quality overall soft fitting of isalai, We have also been exposed to the fast and advanced aspects of "Internet +o2o cloud system". Let customers once again deepen their trust in the company's brand strength. Many customers said that it was very easy to enter the isalay exhibition hall, and the negotiation with the business manager was also very pleasant

I hope the end of each exhibition is the beginning of a new era for isalai! I believe that the company will become stronger and stronger, and the people of isalai will become more and more wonderful

(isalai curtain life hall, high-end atmosphere, CCTV)

(isalai curtain, 60million family confidence choice)

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