In 2016, we are ready to embrace the implementatio

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At the beginning, the door and window franchise profession in Xi'an followed the trend of the group, and they all followed the baidu implementation. Over time, the click quotation of the door and window franchise profession on Baidu soared to more than 30 yuan once. The bosses said sadly that Baidu let us all increase the price by auction. Now, we are all headache, Baidu can't afford to burn, how to do the Internet? The emergence of G3 has dealt with their top priority

in 2016, we are ready to embrace the implementation of G3 cloud.

with the development of shopping malls, competitors continue to add. In the face of quotation wars and other crises, the alliance indicates that we should vigorously carry out network implementation, but in the face of a wide range of implementation forms, how can we communicate with each other? At this moment, we know an implementation system called G3 cloud implementation. The implementation of G3 cloud has rapidly improved the charcoal machine profession through various forms, including network influence, traffic and orders. Become a real system of running affairs on the Internet

cloud search: after unlimited keyword addition planning, the door and window franchise profession can quickly determine multiple keywords of sunshine room, and quickly complete the orders of acting franchisees through the rapid integration of cloud websites

cloud news: make the demand brand of doors and windows, and publish the dynamic strength of doors and windows on Tencent, Netease, Sohu, Sina, Phoenix, citizen, Xinhua,, CCTV, Hexun. The brand strength will quickly complete the news promotion

cloud advertising: the professional information of door and window franchise is published on thousands of B2B sites, and business opportunities and orders come naturally

cloud Alliance: with the addition of professional rivals, you need to put advertisements in front of your opponents. At this time, the value of cloud alliance is completed, and quickly put your cost-effective advertisements on your opponent's platform




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